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GRES.NEWS (PT Hastabrata Hemass)

New, fresh and sharp. Sharp not just in how we present news, but also in our thoughts and ideas. gres.news is an Indonesian law and politics news portal with a vision to help realize an Indonesia that is just, thriving and prosperous through the instruments of law and politics. We adopt the law and politics perspective to report every key event connected with the administration of the State. We stand for all Indonesians who dream of a country that is truthful and justs.

We report the truth, and this is why we dare to declare ourselves as an essential reference to Indonesian law and political issues. Educating the public is a crucial matter; the news, information and all other informative materials in gres.news are the most noteworthy offering that we can make to educate the public. We defend the truth and the weak. We are on the side of every Indonesian, so we do not discriminate on grounds of ethnic group, religion, race or class. Improving public intellectuality and monitoring on the State administration is our specialty.

We are a professional media company with integrity. We guarantee integrity, truth and honesty in our business. It is with these qualities that we build and develop our network and business relations, and mutual respect and sympathy. All this to create products that are both creative and helpful for the public. Our products come in the form of truthful, just and fair journalism contents. From here, we want to build a community of Indonesians who care about the direction of the nation.

gres.news also brings interactive pages where readers can interact with our editorial team: News Comments, Forums, Readers Letter, Legal Tips. This verifies that we are an innovative law and politics website. We also offer special channels that enhance our services and increase public knowledge: Legal Tips, Investigation, News Review and Provisions of Regulations. Every visit to gres.news ´is a mandate´ to uphold the good name of journalism and to bring satisfaction to readers.

On the business dimension, we want to bring a new perspective into the field of law and politics, that is, a law that does not only punish and politics that are not just about being cunning. We want law and politics to become bases that help the business world to thrive further and bring prosperity for the people of Indonesia.

gres.news reporters are professionals dedicated to truth and justice, and who does not discriminate people. We want to prove that real journalism can stand perpetually.

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