In July 2016, three flat blocks that were occupied by fire victims are emptied temporarily.

Penjaringan low-cost apartment at Jalan Tanah Pasir, North Jakarta is in a bad condition. Wastes and debris are surrounding three blocks comprising block E, F, G in the tunnel of the flat. Some parts of the fence in the flat are missing, and the walls are damaged. Until today, the apartment is abandoned and not renovated yet.

The flat is occupied by the victims of Bandengan toll road fire that occurred in 1998, and located in a dense residential area at Jalan Tanah Pasir, Penjaringan, North Jakarta. The low-cost apartment units are quite hard to be accessed, and each of the building consists of 4 floors.

In July 2016, three flat blocks that were occupied by fire victims are emptied temporarily. The resident had to move because the building was going to be revitalized. However, the development didn’t continue. There is no single worker in the building to fix it.

Left in a poor condition, some of the blocks in Penjaringan low-cost apartment are uninhabitable. The building debris, wastes, and bad smell are surrounding the third floor, and people have to be careful if they want to enter the building as the stairs and the floors are heavily damaged.

Using the 2016 Regional Budget (APBD), the Jakarta Provincial Government has planned to revitalize Penjaringan low-cost apartments by building six towers and 16 public facilities, such as a market that was going to be built on the second floor. They also planned to expand the parking lot.

The Jakarta Administration planned to develop the towers gradually. They planned to build 2 towers in the first stage development through a tender process. However, the plan never come true.

The locals hope that Penjaringan low-cost apartment could be revitalized for people in Jakarta. If the flat were abandoned for too long, it would be unfortunate as low-cost apartments are one of the government’s strategic solutions in developing affordable housing for Jakartans with lower middle class income. (Edy Susanto/