Let´s Walk With Telkom

Wednesday, 02 August 2017 , 20:00:00 WIB - Advertorial

President Director of Telkom Alex J. Sinaga (sixth left) accompanied by Director of Telkom Human Capital Management Herdy R. Harman (sixth right) are seen reaching the FUN Walk in the TelkomGroup FUNtastic Day event in Jakarta (30/7).

Jakarta, July 30, 2017 - Commemorating the 52nd Anniversary of Telkom and the National Children’s Day, and encouraging people to walk more, PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia Tbk (Telkom) launched #AyoBerjalan (Let’s Walk) program with a theme of "Walk Joyfully for Healthy Body". In launching the program, Telkom starts with the internals by organizing an event where employees of TelkomGroup walked for 5.2km in the Family FUNtastic Day event on Sunday (30/7). The start and finish line for the event is Telkom Landmark Tower in Jakarta.

According to the Director of Telkom Human Capital Management Herdy R. Harman, #AyoBerjalan program is initiated by Telkom to remind the public that walking is a part of a healthy life, and a cheap sport that can be done by anyone, anywhere and anytime. The program is inspired by some scientific publications that show Indonesia has low average steps per day.

"A survey from Stanford University shows that Indonesian people rarely walk, they have the average of 3,512 steps per day while the average walking steps in 111 countries in the world reach 4,961 steps per day," Herdy said as he quoted a study result of Standford University that's lately published.

"If we ignore the condition, it will become an unhealthy lifestyle for the next generation. Despite this, walking and exercising could boost people’s mood. Walking also improves people’s creativity, imagination, knowledge, and productivity," Herdy R. Harman added.

Besides that, based on a study result from the University of Cambridge that states walking habit could bring positive energy, positive mood, and improve psychological health (happiness), they don’t have to do extreme sports like marathon. People only have to do regular physical activities routinely, one of them is walking.

FUNtastic Day event is also the reflection of Telkom amid the development of communications and information technology from time to time. Commemorating the 52nd Anniversary of Telkom on July 6, 2017, Telkom commits to improve its dedication, providing convenience for people through digital telecommunication services and products, and carry the social responsibility as a devotion for the nation.

"However, facilities in the form of technology services provided by Telkom mustn’t bring a negative impact to the public, such as making them lazy to do outdoor activities or walk. Therefore, we have to encourage a movement that persuades people to do a regular exercise that’s initiated by the employees of TelkomGroup and their families through FUNtastic Day event," Herdy explained the reason of Telkom initiated #AyoBerjalan program.

At the same time, TelkomGroup also "asks" people to help others in need by giving aid, one of them is the development of 52 footbridges in small regions, giving aid to abandoned schools, foundations, school dropouts, homeless, and public social services.

The aid is expected to encourage their spirit to grasp their dreams. "All of this is presented by Telkom Indonesia for Indonesian children in the spirit of National Children’s Day," Herdy said.