Telkom Turns Sukabumi into First City with 100% Fiber Optic

Monday, 07 August 2017 , 19:00:00 WIB - Advertorial

Telkom´s Director of Network & IT Solution, Zulhelfi Abidin (left), Mayor of Sukabumi, Mohamad Muraz (middle), and Telkom´s EVP for Region III, I Ketut Budi Utama (right) are seen pushing a button together to mark the launching of Sukabumi as the first Telkom Modern City in Indonesia at Sukabumi T-Cloud (4/8).

Jakarta, August 4, 2017 - PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia Tbk (Telkom) has committed to improve the quality of their services to the public by launching Telkom Modern City program in Sukabumi, Friday (4/8). The program that modernizes the network of copper cable to 100% fiber optic turns Sukabumi into the first Telkom Modern City in Indonesia. The event was held at T-Cloud Sukabumi, together with the nonactivation of private automatic branch exchange (PABXs) in Sukabumi, and 59 other PABX across Indonesia, that marks the network system to fiber optic.

The launching of Sukabumi as the first Telkom Modern City was organized by Telkom’s Director of Network. Zulhefli Abidin explained that the founding of the modern city spent about three years. "Telkom is very thankful for the cooperation and support from the Sukabumi administration so the first modern city in Indonesia could come true," Zulhefli said. According to him, Telkom and Sukabumi administration are committed to maintain the city esthetics through the network maintenance and providing better and more modern digital communication services.

Zulhefli Abidin explained that the purpose of Telkom Modern City is to improve the quality of customer service and the public. "The aim of this program is to provide better services to customers with fiber optic-based services that present more reliable performance that reaches the stage of integrated Information and Communication Technology (ICT) or Internet of Things (Home Security, Office Security, and other applications that support the implementation of smart city)," Zulhefli Abidin said.

The presence of Sukabumi administration officials in the launching of Telkom Modern City aligns with Telkom’s commitment to support smart city program. Sukabumi is being assisted by the Ministry of Communications and Informatics to implement smart city concept.

Sukabumi is currently placing the 8th position of 25 smart city pilot project cities with well-prepared infrastructures. Telkom is represented by Telkom Sukabumi Telecommunications Region (Witel) in implementing Sukabumi smart city through the support of internet network access, so all of the current working units (SKPD) have their own app.

Telkom also supports not less than 15 public health centers (Puskesmas) in Sukabumi with e-Puskesmas application and the internet network so the health services in Sukabumi would be improved. The public can enjoy online CCTV monitoring service from the Sukabumi transportation office where Telkom provides the network and servers.

Telkom also builds WiFi Corners so people would easily access the internet and do positive activities. One of the WiFi Corners is located in the yard of Masjid Agung Sukabumi mosque. Telkom and Sukabumi administration also work together to build a Digital Townsquare that provides internet access for the public.

The existence of modern city enables people to enjoy a digital lifestyle even from their house. IoT (Internet of Things) era encourages Telkom to provide the best service for the public so they could be more productive and creative, even from inside their houses.

SMEs sector or other industries in Sukabumi can also access the digital service to boost their productivity, "Because fiber optic-based technology could provide bigger bandwidth and minimize the risk of disruptions. It is proven by fewer complaints from customers in Sukabumi by 94% per day," Zulhelfi explained. Maximum service from the government, the productivity of business sector, and easier studying from the internet will become the keys that determine the quality of people in Sukabumi to compete globally in the future.

Further, more reliable infrastructures are expected to be used by many people to improve the economy in Sukabumi. The implementation of modern city program would be more real with better services quality. Ultimately, the service of Sukabumi administration to the public would be better.