Telkom Runs Disability Care-Charity Golf Tournament, Aids 5,200 Disabled People

Tuesday, 08 August 2017 , 19:00:00 WIB - Advertorial

SOE Minister Rini Soemarno (middle) accompanied by President Director of Telkom Alex J. Sinaga (fourth right) and Director of Telkom Human Capital Management Herdy Harman (third left) are seen giving assistance to 10 foundations for disabled people in Telkom Disability Care-Charity Golf Tournament in Jakarta (5/8).

Jakarta, August 5, 2017 - Ending the events that commemorate Telkom’s 52nd Anniversary, PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia Tbk (Telkom) held Telkom Disability Care program that provides aids for 5,200 disabled people in Telkom Disability Care-Charity Golf Tournament. The event was attended by the State-Owned Enterprise (SOE) Minister Rini M. Soemarno, SOE Ministry officials, President Director of Telkom Alex J. Sinaga, and enterprise customers of TelkomGroup in Jakarta, Saturday (5/8).

In the event, Telkom signed an agreement with Kick Andy Foundation to organize Gantari Award to appreciate high achieving disabled people by providing assistance to develop their entrepreneurship and aids for 5,200 disabled people that consist of 720 prosthetic legs, 52 low vision aid, 52 audio books, 52 digital Al-Qur’an holy book, 52 audio aid, and 4,272 braille books.

Rini M. Soemarno appreciates the event as the presence of SOEs for the society. "SOEs should be present for all people, including disabled people in Indonesia, to shape BUMN Hadir Untuk Negeri (SOEs Present for the Nation) programs like Telkom Disability Care that deserves appreciation and support to establish equality for disabled people. Programs like this are expected to continue so it would give significant benefits for the nation," Rini M. Soemarno said.

Meanwhile, Alex J. Sinaga explained that Telkom Disability Care is a corporate social responsibility program for disabled people that's been initiated by Telkom since 2016. "Telkom Disability Care is Telkom’s effort in improving the competitiveness of disabled people through some programs, such as providing assistance fund to improve their entrepreneurship, providing aids, employing them and making a special application for schools for the disabled (SLB). Therefore, the economic independence and prosperity of disabled people in Indonesia would be improved," Alex J. Sinaga explained.

Through the program, Telkom also targets to employ 152 disabled people in TelkomGroup’s operational lines based on their competence.

Telkom Disability Care is supported by the spirit of SOEs Present for the Nation program. Telkom hopes the program could improve the life quality of the disabled in Indonesia. The program is also expected to inspire other people to care more for others so the prosperity and competitive of the nation in this digital era could be accelerated with the synergy of all parties.

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