Telkom Improves Inter-Regency Connectivity in Central Kalimantan

Thursday, 24 August 2017 , 16:00:00 WIB - Advertorial

Governor of Central Kalimantan, Sugianto Sabran (second right), and Director of Telkom Network & IT Solution, Zulhelfi Abidin (second left), are seen inaugurating Palangka Raya as Telkom Modern City, Friday (18/8). The program that supports the utilization of ICT services turns Palangka Raya into the first capital of a province in Indonesia that has 100% fiber optic infrastructure.

Jakarta, August 18, 2017 - PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia Tbk (Telkom) has committed to improve the quality of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) service for the public, one of their efforts is implementing Telkom Modern City program that was just inaugurated in Palangka Raya. Telkom Modern City in Palangka Raya was inaugurated by Governor of Central Kalimantan, Sugianto Sabran, and Director of Telkom Network & IT Solution, Zulhelfi Abidin, at T-Cloud Palangka Raya, Friday (18/8).

The purpose of the program is to support the utilization of ICT service to turn Palangka Raya into the first capital of a province in Indonesia that has 100% fiber optic infrastructure. At the same time, Telkom officially shut down four private automatic branch exchange (PABX).

The launching of Telkom Modern City in Palangka Raya is also supported by the Central Kalimantan Provincial Government as Telkom Modern City program aligns with the provincial government’s program in improving the connectivity of cities in Central Kalimantan through the communications network.

Governor of Central Kalimantan, Sugianto Sabran, expresses his hopes for the development of ICT infrastructure in Central Kalimantan after Telkom has succeeded modernizing the network in Palangka Raya. "Turning Palangka Raya into the first capital of a province that becomes Telkom Modern City, proves that Central Kalimantan is ready to become a modern region. Seeing the telecommunications infrastructure, Palangka Raya can compete with the other cities, including cities in Java Island. The broadband coverage in Central Kalimantan that reaches 100% is expected to make the realization of ICT roadmap easier, and turn Central Kalimantan into a basis data center in Kalimantan," said the Governor of Central Kalimantan.

Meanwhile, the Director of Telkom Network & IT Solution, Zulhelfi Abidin, appreciates the regional administration for supporting the installation of 100% fiber optic network. "Telkom thanks the support and cooperation of Central Kalimantan Provincial Government and Palangka Raya city for the modernization process, until now the 100% fiber optic network is completely installed, and customers of TelkomGroup and people of Palangka Raya can enjoy the best digital experience," Zulhelfi Abidin said. With the total number of Telkom’s customers in Palangka Raya that reaches 12,156 customers, the establishment of Palangka Raya to a Modern City only takes one year.

Zulhelfi Abidin added that Modern City is a program to modernize copper network to fiber optic network that could improve the quality of ICT services. "The purpose of this program is to make people able to enjoy better services because the quality of fiber optic-based services could present much better performance, and even reaches the level of Internet of Things (IoT), such as home security, office security, transportation system, and government system that supports the implementation of smart city," Zulhelfi Abidin added.

Until the middle of 2017, Telkom has connected 12 of 14 regencies/cities in Central Kalimantan with the fiber optic backbone network. The other two regencies, Kuala Kurun and Sukamara, is in the process of network development completion. The fiber optic network that supports inter-city ICT service would turn regencies/cities in Central Kalimantan into a smart city.

Besides that, Telkom develops Wifi Corner to provide easier access to information for people of Palangka Raya. There are 14 Wifi Corner locations in Palangka Raya, which consist of the yards of Telkom’s offices (Wifi Corner Imam Bonjol, Ahmad Yani, and Cempaka) and public area, such as Wifi Corner Kahayan Port, and STAIN college.

Fiber optic-based telecommunications system in Palangka Raya will enable digital lifestyle to be enjoyed by the public, starting from households sector. Besides that, entrepreneurs in MSME and the other industries in Palangka Raya would also be able to enjoy the digital service to boost their productivity and promote their products.

Further, the fiber optic infrastructure is expected to be enjoyed by many parties to boost the economy of Palangka Raya people. Therefore, the growing economy of regional communities would boost the national digital economy so it would reach the government’s target in turning Indonesia into the power of digital economy in Southeast Asia.