Demand for High-Speed Internet Increases, Telkom Introduces WiFi Corner 1 Gbps

Tuesday, 07 November 2017 , 19:00:00 WIB - Advertorial

Telkom Consumer Service Director Mas´ud Khamid (second left) accompanied by Telkom Akses Director Iskriono Windiarjanto (left), Telkom OVP Consumer Fulfillment Sujito (second right) and EVP of Telkom Regional V Suparwiyanto are seen launching WiFi Corner with 1 Gbps speed in Surabaya (3/11).

Jakarta, 6 November 2017 - The lifestyle of millennials is inseparable from connectivity, and the demand for high-speed internet is increasing. Facing the demand, PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia Tbk (Telkom) launches WiFi Corner that provides 1 Gbps speed internet in front of Telkom’s office in Ketintang, Surabaya. The latest innovation is introduced by Telkom Consumer Service Director Mas’ud Khamid at the location of the WiFi corner, Friday (3/11). WiFi Corner (WiCo) with the high-speed internet is the 15,999th WiCo in Indonesia.

Mas’ud Khamid said, "WiFi Corner is an endless innovation from Telkom, especially in fixed broadband field that can be accessed from mobile devices through and wifi seamless". He added that Telkom has a strong commitment in developing the digital ecosystem and building customer experience in using high-speed internet. Therefore, Telkom builds more WiFi Corners so the public, particularly millennials or Z generation who have a high demand for bandwidth, could access high-speed internet.

Mas’ud hopes the number of WiCo visitors would increase so WiCo would become a point of interest for youths of Surabaya. "We will make sure that all locations in Telkom’s office and other places provide maximum service. If the capacity is still 10-20 seats but the demand is high, we will expand them when the ecosystem gets bigger so we could be faster in creating the digital experience".

Mas’ud added there won’t be any difference for youths in small regions and the cities in the digital era. This matter can be seen from new startups that are not just found by youths from the cities and favorite schools. "The digital generation creates a creative generation. Therefore, Telkom wants to make a digital creative center come true," Mas’ud said. In the future, WiCo users will be encouraged or promoted to a startup in each region of Telkom Regional.

Reward for 2.5 Millionth Indihome Customer

At the same time, Mas’ud Khamid gave a reward to the 2.5 millionth IndiHome customer named Andy Tanaka, a restaurant entrepreneur from Surabaya.

Andy said, "This is the era of information, the era of the internet. Completing the business, especially restaurants, IndiHome internet access is the best choice so it could develop the business in the future," Andy Tanaka said.

The reward for the 2.5 millionth IndiHome customer or the 500,000th customer in the are of East Java, Bali, and Nusa Tenggara is an extra service worth Rp2.5 million for three months, which include speed upgrade, UseeTV upgrade, and movie, entertainment, news, and kids add-ons.

"Thank you for people’s trust to Telkom so the services of IndiHome can be enjoyed by 2.5 million customers. This motivates Telkom to keep making innovations and give the best services for customers," said Mas’ud Khamid.