Telkom Launches Democracy of Centennial Movement

Wednesday, 15 November 2017 , 09:00:00 WIB - Advertorial

Collaboration between Telkom Indonesia, Melon and Right Hand with creators, actors, partner sponsors, the media and a million ideas from the Centennial Generation of Indonesia to create a work of arts on the hopes of the young generation for Indonesia in the future.

Jakarta, 14 November 2017 – To motivate the creative minds of Indonesia’s Z Generation, PT Telkom Indonesia Tbk (Telkom) has launched the "Democracy of Centennial" (DoC) movement that carried the theme: "One Million Wishes for Indonesia in the Next Century!".

The movement collaborates creative ideas from the Z Generation and materialize them in a movie titled "Democracy of Centennial".

"Democracy of Centennial is a movement that collaborates creative ideas from the young generation on their vision and dreams for Indonesia for the next decade, or 2045. The DoC targets the Z Generation, or Digital Generation, because this generation is a generation with open minds, and will lead and change Indonesia to become a better country," said David Bangun, Digital & Strategic Portfolio Director, Telkom, Jakarta, Sunday.

The ideas and other elements of the movie will be collected through the crowdsourcing or User Generated Content (UGC) method. Participants are challenged to tell their aspirations for Indonesia in the next 100 years in the form of stories, pictures, music, photography, fashion designs, animations, characters and other ideas in the field of arts, fashion, social and environment science, and information and technology.

"The Z Generation is a new generation that can lead Indonesia to become a far developed country. The Z Generation has ideas, dreams and hopes for Indonesia," David said.

Telkom hopes the DoC can motivate the young generation to express their innovative positive ideas and aspirations on Indonesia. Meanwhile, the support from film experts has made the Democracy of Centennial film an experience that is like never before for the participants.

To represent the Z Generation, at the launch of the DoC movement, Telkom introduced talented young musician Alika Islamadina and Vadie Akbar Kalamata, and actor Refal Hady as spokespersons for the movement. They will communicate the ideas and dreams for Indonesia in the next decade, especially for Indonesia’s film and music industry.

Through this movement, Telkom has provided the opportunity to the young generation to ‘democratize the entertainment world’, so they will not only enjoy main stream entertainment, but actively become part of the film through their ideas and dreams.

The Democracy of Centennial comprises three phases: Pre-Production (10 November 2017 – March 2018), Production (March - November 2018) and Post-Production (December 2018).

Participate in changing Indonesia by uploading your creative and innovative ideas to Uzone’s website: The ten best ideas will win scholarship worth a cumulative total of hundreds of million of rupiahs and will be included in the DoC.