Telkom Wins Top Position in Lists of Top 20 Companies to Work For

Saturday, 23 December 2017 , 19:00:00 WIB - Advertorial

(Left to Right) Managing Director of Korn Ferry Hay Group, Sylvano Damanik, Telkom´s Deputy Human Capital Shared Service, Anang Turyandono, and Chief Editor of SWA, Kemal Effendi Gani, are seen witnessing the delivery of Top 10 Employer of Choice 2017 award for Telkom in the Employer of Choice Award 2017 in Jakarta (20/12).

Jakarta, 21 December 2017 - PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia Tbk (Telkom) gets another achievement in human capital management sector by winning the top position in the Top 20 Companies to Work For in Employer of Choice Award 2017 based on the survey conducted by SWA Magazine and Hay Group on all job seekers and employees in Indonesia. The award was accepted by Telkom’s Deputy Human Capital Shared Service, Anang Turyandono, in Jakarta, Wednesday (20/12). At the same time, Telkom also wins Top 10 Employer of Choice 2017.

The top position is achieved by Telkom because of Telkom’s successful performance in employer branding. Survey respondents that consist of many job seekers consider that Telkom has a good corporate image, and the company benefits its employees. Besides that, Telkom is well-known for its career development program, and adequate facilities and environment, which will strengthen the bonds between the company and employees, and make the employees proud.

Separately, Director of Human Capital Management in Telkom, Herdy R. Harman, stated that the achievement is a form of Telkom’s commitment in managing human resources as the main factor in doing its business. "We realize that the key to maintaining and improving the company performance in the future is human resources. Therefore, we reach potential talents through many recruitment programs so employees empowerment and development programs are important and become the company’s concern," Herdy said.

Herdy added that Telkom believes what makes a company different from the others is the human resources and culture. "Telkom implements people-centric approach in managing the human resources and has set an employee value preposition as a creative and dynamic company with the fun work environment. The people-centric approach is proven with a full support from the company to the investment in human resources programs, starting from employee development, retention & recognition, employees work satisfactory improvement program, fair and transparent communications, and work-life balance," Herdy added.

As a digital telecommunications company, Telkom also works hard in managing human resources that align with the culture of the digital telecommunications company. Starting from the recruitment process that consists of web recruitment, talent scouting, selecting employees who received the government scholarship, and Socio Digi Leaders program that targets the best university graduates in Indonesia and other countries.

Socio Digi Leaders (SDL) is a program that encourages and selects young talented people who have a good social awareness to implement their ideas that would become a solution to help the public in facing their issues through a digital platform. Winners of SDL would get an opportunity to work with TelkomGroup. Meanwhile, for TelkomGroup employees, Telkom develops Digital Amoeba program that gives great opportunities for employees to make innovations in the digital sector, for instance, create a digital startup that’s fully supported by the company.

Besides that, Telkom works hard to develop the employees optimally. Through Assessment Center Indonesia (ACI), Telkom gives opportunities to its employees to undergo a comprehensive assessment according to their competence. Besides that, Telkom Corporate University (Telkom CorpU) employees will be provided with various competence development training programs. "We have Great People Trainee Program (GPTP), Great People Development Program (GPDP), Great People Scholarship Program (GPSP), Great People Managerial Program (GPMP) and Great People Retirement Program (GPRP) that show human resources is the company’s main concern," Herdy explained.

To support employees competence development, Telkom is also supported by a digital learning & sharing platform named CONGNITIUM. Besides that, to help the employees' career planning and development independently, there’s also a digital application called INGENIUM. Through INGENIUM, the company can monitor and follow-up the employees' career development.

In wellness sector, Telkom also works hard to implement work-life balance with the programs that prioritize employees health that’s monitored by Telkom Health Foundation. Besides that, Telkom also opens a chance for all employees to participate in extracurricular activities to channel their interest and talents through Employee Volunteer Program (EVP), starting from social, religion, culture, and sports field. The activities are rewarded by the company career development scoring system that could contribute to the future of employees’ career.

Telkom also plans the human resources development and needs to meet the stakeholders' expectations. "Telkom realizes that the effective human capital practice would be able to improve the company performance and an important part of organization transformation into digital telecommunications company with a global competitiveness," Herdy stated.