Telkom Introduces WiFi Corner 2.0 & WiFi Station to Expand Public Internet Access

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Cooperatives and Small SME Ministry´s Business Restructuring Deputy Abdul Kadir Damanik (left), Managing Director of SMEs & Cooperatives Marketing Service Agency Emilia Suhaimi (second left), Enterprise & Business Service Director of Telkom Dian Rachmawan (middle), Cooperatives and Small SME Ministry´s Production & Marketing Deputy I Wayan Dipta (second right), and Business Service Executive Vice President of Telkom Tri Gundi (right) are seen trying high-speed internet service at WiFi Corner 2.0 (WiCo 2.0) booth after they launched WiCo 2.0 in Jakarta, Thursday (28/12).

Jakarta, 28 December 2017 – In the digital era, every business initiatives need the internet connection, so does Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs). To improve broadband internet penetration across Indonesia, especially to support Micro, Small and Medium Business (MSME) entrepreneurs, PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia Tbk (Telkom) introduces its best two fiber optic network-based WiFi internet services, which are WiFi Corner 2.0 (WiCo 2.0) and WiFi Station.

The launching of WiCo 2.0 was attended by the Minister of Cooperatives and SMEs represented by the Secretary of Cooperatives and SME Ministry, Agus Muharram, the Ministry’s Production & Marketing Deputy I Wayan Dipta, the Ministry’s Business Restructuring Deputy Abdul Kadir Damanik, Managing Director of Cooperatives & SMEs Marketing Service Agency Emilia Suhaimi, and Enterprise & Business Service Director of Telkom Dian Rachmawan at SME Tower, SMESCO, Jakarta, Thursday (28/12). The launching of WiCO 2.0 was also attended by MSMEs community who are expected to become partners of WiCo.

Enterprise & Business Service Director of Telkom, Dian Rachmawan, said that WiCo 2.0 is a form of Telkom’s active participation in developing entrepreneurship in Indonesia and create independent MSME entrepreneurs who could contribute to the national economic development.

"WiCo 2.0 is a new history for MSME entrepreneurs in Indonesia, where Telkom opens an opportunity to enter the digital business in this modern era. Through WiCo 2.0, internet cafe business owners could improve their business. Meanwhile, for household circle, owners of micro businesses will have a chance to start a digital business easily. We apply profit-sharing for WiCo 2.0 business owners," Dian explained.

WiCo 2.0 is one of Telkom’s efforts to persuade the public to work together in developing the independent economy of Indonesia. After the launching of WiCo 2.0, Dian Rachmawan introduced WiFi Station service at Empirica Cafe & Lounge SCBD, Jakarta. The launching of WiFi Station was attended by business players who have provided WiFi Station in their business location.

WiFi Station is a WiFi internet managed service for business players in different segments, starting from schools, campus, restaurants/cafes, commercial centers, and the government institution offices. The service provides high-speed WiFi internet access at an affordable price so business owners/office owners could provide free WiFi access to their customers and employees.

"As the digital world keeps developing, the need for collaborative and co-creation work becomes a primary need. WiFi Station service enables anyone to become more productive and creative, create something without knowing the limit and can be accessed anywhere," Dian stated.

WiCo 2.0 and WiFi Station services are the form of TelkomGroup’s commitment to develop digital community in Indonesia. "In this digital era, fast and stable internet service has become a commodity in businesses. Therefore, selecting the right business partner in providing internet service becomes crucial in a business development. WiCo 2.0 and WiFi Station is an effort to develop Indonesian digital community that aligns with the government’s vision to turn Indonesia into the biggest digital economy power in Southeast Asia," Dian explained.

WiFi Corner 2.0: New concept, Digital Internet Cafe

In the last few years, Telkom develops Corner (WiCo) service in different cities as the internet education facility for the public. Generally, WiCo are located in Telkom Plaza and certain public area that allows the public to access the internet at an affordable price.

Inspired by the success telephone kiosk (Wartel) service in the past that became a solution to provide telecommunications service, Telkom now opens a business opportunity for the public who wants to get more income. Therefore, Telkom expands the development of WiCo by involving MSME entrepreneurs in doing Warnet 2.0 internet cafe business, which is the evolution of internet cafe business that adopts WiFi Everywhere and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) phenomenon.

WiCo 2.0. is a service for the public that’s provided by Telkom and partners from SMEs who provides a location and sells vouchers to be used at the location. SMEs may develop a new business opportunity easily by selling vouchers digitally with a profit-sharing scheme. WiCo 2.o business is suitable for women as a home business so they could help the family economy.

The registration process and management of WiCo 2.0 can be done through a mobile app named ‘My WiCo’ that can be downloaded from Google Play and App Store. "The presence of WiCo 2.0 through a digital app is expected to help MSME entrepreneurs with their business. The innovation is also expected to strengthen the competitiveness of Indonesia quicker so we could compete against the other countries," Dian Rachmawan said.

WiFi Station: Telkom’s Answer to BYOD Phenomenon

WiFi Station service is the answer to BYOD phenomenon in public areas, such as school, campus, shophouse, co-working space, public space, restaurant, cafe or depot.

Besides offering high-speed internet package up to 100 Mbps through 100% fiber optic network-based telecommunications network, WiFi Station service also gives added value to entrepreneurs in shaping the positive perspective of their business.

WiFi Station provides many useful features for business players. Login ID Customization feature provides secure internet connection. Welcome Page Customization features help entrepreneurs to create a brand image of their business through the WiFi internet service. Besides that, entrepreneurs can also improve customer engagement through Customer Profiling feature. Telkom will continue improving value-added service features to fulfill the needs of entrepreneurs who use WiFi Station, such as the company’s e-mail address, unified collaboration, e-payment, and many others.

Fast and stable internet service in WiFi Station could improve the employees’ productivity and improves the perception of end customers to entrepreneurs who use WiFi Station. Value-added services that help to develop a business brand image also become a reason why WiFi Station becomes the right choice for entrepreneurs. "Through the existence of WiFi Station, Telkom is determined to become the Best Indonesia WiFi Managed Service Provider," Dian Rachmawan ended her speech at the launching of WiFi Station.