Telkom Guarantees Optimal Service in New Year 2018 Celebration

Wednesday, 03 January 2018 , 16:00:00 WIB - Advertorial

Enterprise & Business Service Director of Telkom Dian Rachmawan (third left), Wholesale & International Service Director of Telkom Abdus Somad Arief (fourth left), Consumer Service Director of Telkom Mas´ud Khamid (fifth left), Network & IT Solution Director of Telkom Zulhelfi Abidin (fourth right), Financial Director of Telkom Harry M Zen (third right), and senior leaders of TelkomGroup are seen monitoring the communications traffic of TelkomGroup at a network operation post to maintain the stability of teleommunications service for customers and the public in the night of New Year 2018 celebration, Sunday (31/12).

Jakarta, 31 December 2017 – After succeeding with the sudden increase of traffic during last week’s Christmas, PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia Tbk (Telkom) inspects the network to maintain the stability of TelkomGroup’s telecommunications service as an effort to fulfill the customers’ need for communications in the celebration of New Year 2018. The technical monitoring of the telecommunications infrastructure and customer service is done completely to maintain the stability of telecommunications network when the communications traffic suddenly increases in New Year 2018 celebration night.

To ensure that TelkomGroup’s network and service stay reliable, TelkomGroup directors visited and monitored numerous infrastructure technical posts and TelkomGroup customer service before the celebration night of New Year 2018 (31/12). The visited locations are TelkomGroup Integrated Operation Center Post, Business & Enterprise Service Post and Contact Center 147, Wholesale & International Service Post, IndiHome & UseeTV Service Operating Post, GraPARI Alia, and Telkomsel’s Integrated Operation Center.

Network & IT Solution Director of Telkom, Zulhelfi Abidin, said that TelkomGroup is improving the network capacity so it could serve the increasing demand for communications service. We understand that New Year is celebrated by all people so communications traffic, both voice and data, will increase sharply/. We’re ready to serve the customers’ needs and work hard to provide the best service for customers and the public, Zulhelfi said.

Zulhelfi said that TelkomGroup has monitored the infrastructure and services intensively through TelkomGroup Christmas and New Year Alert Post since 22nd of December until 3rd of January 2018. In their visit, directors of TelkomGruop also talked about the monitoring activity and issues faced by the post staffs. At the end of the day, the directors of TelkomGroup gave new year gifts to support the post staffs who worked for 24/7.

"We have prepared 592 GraPARI units, 103 Telkomsel Mobile BTS units, and 816 IndiHome cars and deployed 15,910 personnel in all posts to ensure the service works well in more than 700 public area like religious facilities, mall & indoor areas, and the other important areas," Zulhelfi Abidin explained.

At the end of the end, representing the management and employees of TelkomGroup, Zulhelfi Abidin said happy new year to all employees of TelkomGroup and all people in Indonesia. "Representing the management and employees of TelkomGroup, we want to say Happy New Year 2018. I hope the stable condition of TelkomGroup network and services could be maintained although the traffic increases significantly in new year celebration. We also hope TelkomGroup would improve its services to customers and provide the best for the nation in 2018 to develop Indonesian digital community, As a state-run digital telecommunications company, we will keep out commitment to support the government’s vision to turn Indonesia into the biggest digital economic power in Southeast Asia next year," Zulhelfi said.