AGO VS Victoria: The Next Level

Monday, 12 OCtober 2015 , 11:42:00 WIB - Corporate News

The Attorney General´s Office (AGO). The AGO re-investigates the documents of alleged corruption on BPPN cessie purchase. (Edy Susanto/

JAKARTA, GRES.NEWS - The AGO and PT Victoria Securities Indonesia (VSI) is predicted to have another 'battle' on the preliminary court. The Attorney General's Office (AGO) investigators came back and foreclosed VSI documents as an effort to investigate the cessie case of the Indonesian Bank Restructuring Agency (BPPN), meanwhile, the AGO has lost on the previous preliminary court of the document foreclosure in the South Jakarta State Court.

Judge Achmad Rifai sentenced that the investigation and foreclosure on the VSI office were not legal, by that, the foreclosed goods has to be returned. The AGO investigators have returned them on Friday (9/10).

But, right after the documents returned, the investigators foreclosed the documents again. VSI protested on their act. VSI lawyer, Peter Kurniawan, was the one who protested on the prosecutor's act. But they got ignored.

VSI lawyer, Peter Kurniawan, said the AGO team has misused their power by foreclosing their documents at Panin Tower, Senayan City, 8th Floor, Central Jakarta.

"The AGO came and forced to foreclose the goods that has to be returned as sentenced by the South Jakarta State Court on the preliminary court," Peter said to

Regarding the issue, the prosecutors declined that they foreclosed them without a warrant. Firdaus Dewilmar who was there to investigate and foreclose the documents said that the prosecutors team had a legal warrant to foreclose the documents.

Firdaus stated that the foreclosure of BPPN cessie case that dragged PT Victoria Securities Internation Corporation (VSIC) was different from VSI.

FORMALITY IS NOT A SUBSTANCE - A law expert from Indonesian University, Achyar Salmi, advised VSI to have a pretrial plea if they found the law enforcers don't act properly. He said that could fix the investigation and foreclosure formality that was conducted by the AGO.

"It was all about formality, it could be that the AGO has learned from their mistakes and they conducted a re-investigation to fix it. If the foreclosed party had an objection, they might have a pretrial plea," Achyar told, Sunday (11/10).

Achyar said although the AGO found guilty of violating the investigation procedure like what happened before, it won't eliminate the corruption crime substances. It could be that they have researched on the South Jakarta Court sentencing, and they would fix and re-investigate the documents to be foreclosed.