Mahakam Block Returning to Foreign Investors

The Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources, Ignasius Jonan, has announced his plan to offer Total E&P Indonesie and Inpex Corporation participating interest in the Mahakam Block up to 39 percent, igniting criticism from a number of parties.


Europe Making Up Excuses to Ban Indonesian Palm Oil

The palm oil trade war between Indonesia and Europe continues with the European Parliament voting on a resolution that Indonesian palm oil are highly related to human rights issues, corruption, child labor and abuse against the rights of customary communities. Europe has also emphasized that Indonesia’s palm oil is causing major deforestation.


More Privileges for Freeport

Article 19 paragraph 7 mentions that mining companies who are not satisfied with the special mining permit (IUPK) and decide not to convert their Contract of Work (CoW) to IUPK, may discuss with the government and they’re allowed to return to the CoW scheme.