Government to Offer 15 Oil and Gas Work Areas

Monday, 10 July 2017 , 12:00:00 WIB -

The headquarters of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (

JAKARTA, GRES.NEWS – The Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources revealed that 15 oil and gas work areas will be offered through a bid in 2017, comprising 10 conventional work areas and 5 non-conventional work areas.

The ministry announced this in the Breakfast Meeting with Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources with a discussion on Indonesia Petroleum Bidding Round 2017. That was attended by the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources and 52 chief executive officers (CEO) of oil and gas cooperation contract holders (KKKS) KKKS, at the ministry’s headquarters on Friday (7/7).

In the meeting, Jonan said the schemes offered will be production sharing contracts (PSC) and the gross split scheme, in accordance with the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources Regulation No.8/2017 on Gross Split Sharing Contracts.

"We must cooperate to expand this industry ", Jonan said, quoted by

Previously, Vice Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources, Arcandra Tahar, said to provide more clarity regarding the gross split scheme, his ministry will issue a new regulation.

"The government regulation would similar to the Government Regulation No.79/2010 and KKKS interested to manage the blocks would be looking forward to the regulation. It would be a crucial regulation. I hope it can be issued in July 2017," Arcandra said.

The following are the offered blocks:

A. The conventional blocks.
Direct Offer

1. Andaman I, offshore, Aceh, 7.346 KM2

2. Andaman II, offshore, Aceh, 7,399.85 KM2

3. South Tuna, offshore, Natuna, 7,827.09 KM2

4. Merak Lampung, offshore and onshore, Banten-Lampung, 5,104.17 KM2

5. Pekawai, offshore East Kalimantan, 7,775.83 KM2

6. West Yamdena, offshore and onshore, Maluku, 8,209.96 KM2

7. Kasuri III, onshore West Papua, 752.39 KM2

Regular Bid

8. Tongkol, offshore, Natuna, 583.98 KM2

9. East Tanimbar, offshore Maluku, 8,242.81 KM2

10. Mamberamo, offshore and onshore, Papua, 7,783 KM2

B. Non-conventional blocks

Direct Offer

1. MNK Jambi I, Onshore Jambi, 2,823.93 KM2 (Shale Hydrocarbon)

2. MNK Jambi II, onshore, Jambi & South Sumatera, 1,622.35 KM2 (Shale Hydrocarbon)

3. GMB West Air Komering, onshore South Sumatera, 1,085.00 KM2

Regular Tender

4. GMB Raja, onshore South Sumatera 580.50 KM2

5. GMB Bungamas, onshore, South Sumatera, 483.60 KM2. (rm)