Jonan Meets Chevron Chairman

Friday, 28 July 2017 , 08:00:00 WIB -

Energy and Mineral Resources Minister Ignasius Jonan (middle) is seen having a dialogue with a fuel tanker driver who´s refueling the Oil-Based Fuel Terminal (TBBM) Panjang, Bandar Lampung, Lampung, Saturday (1/7). (ANTARA)

JAKARTA, GRES.NEWS – The Energy and Mineral Resources Minister Ignasius Jonan met the officials of Chevron at Chevron Headquarters, Tuesday (25/7). The meeting between Jonan and the officials of Chevron was held to discuss the development of deepwater gas in Kutai Basin, East Kalimantan that's known as the Indonesia Deepwater Development (IDD) program. The first project is the development of Bangka Field that’s been producing gas since August 2016. Meanwhile, the development of Gendalo-Gehem field is targeted to be finished and start to operate in 2022.

"And to discuss the utilization of Jangkrik and Eni facilities (Floating Production Units/FPU) to produce gas from Gendalo-Gehem," Jonan said after he met the President of Chevron North America Exploration and Production, Jeff Shellebarger, and President of Chevron Environmental Management Company, Mary Boroughs, as quoted from

Responding to the request, Chevron explained that the production of Eni Merakes is included to Jangkrik, and the capacity of Jangkrik FPU in 2029 would be full and it can’t handle gas from Gendalo-Gehem becuase Gehem Field is predicted to produce 420 mmscfd gas. Meanwhile, Gendalo is projected to produce 700 mmscfd.

Besides gas, the concentrates produced by Gendalo-Gehem field is predicted to reach about 50,000 barrels per day. Meanwhile, the capacity of Jangkrik FPU production would reach 450 mmscfd, and it’s expected to increase to 800 mmscfd.

Responding to the matter, Minister Jonan stated they will ask the Oil and Gas Upstream Regulatory Task Force (SKK Migas) to discuss it back with Chevron and Eni. "To follow up the plan, I asked SKK Migas to discuss it again with both parties," Jonan said.

At the same time, Chevron also stated they’re developing non-conventional resources in Marcellus Shale, Delaware Basin, and Permian. Chevron is also implementing EOR advanced technology that’s used to increase the production of oil in old oil and gas fields, and the realization of drilling and completion work programs. (rm)