Minister Meets Facebook Representative, Warns about KBLI

Friday, 04 August 2017 , 15:00:00 WIB -

Communications and Informatics Minister Rudiantara. (ANTARA)

JAKARTA, GRES.NEWS – Communications and Informatics Minister Rudiantara met the delegation of Facebook at Grand Hyatt Hotel, Jakarta, last Wednesday (2/8). In the meeting led by Facebook representative for Asia Pacific, Jeff Wu, Rudiantara discussed some important matters related to the publication of specific business activities (KBLI) in the digital sector.

Besides that, both parties discussed counterterrorism, radicalism and hoax, and the development of Over The Top (OTT) industry in Indonesia. Head of Facebook delegation, Rudiantara delivered a new policy related to KBLI. Therefore, Facebook is asked to adjust their KBLI that’s been used as their basis to operate in Indonesia.

Facebook has owned a principle permit with the category of consulting management to provide their service in Indonesia. However, Facebook activities are classified as a commercial-based digital platform business. "We want Facebook to show their commitment by adjusting to the new regulations about KBLI," Rudiantara said as quoted from

According to the Head of State Statistics Agency (BPS) Regulation No.19.2017 on Specific Business Activities (KBLI), digital platform provider is the result of an adjustment to the items mentioned in KBLI 47919, where e-retail is the authority of the Trade Ministry. Meanwhile, the administration of digital platform in the form of market place, daily deals, price grabber, or online advertisement is the authority of the Communications and Informatics Ministry in KBLI 63122: Websites and/or Commercial-based Digital Platform.

Besides that, the Communications and Informatics Ministry has formulated a Draft Ministerial Regulation about Over The Top (OTT) industry that regulates fund application or internet content providers and will be issued by the Communications and Informatics Ministry soon. The Draft Ministerial Regulation about OTT is expected to develop conception among telecommunications service providers.

The meeting with Facebook is a part of the coordination between the Communications and Informatics Ministry and global social media service providers with a faster and detailed content administration mechanism. It was not the first meeting, and it still continues to reach an agreement in controlling negative contents on the internet.

Director General of Informatics Application, Semuel A. Pangerapan, explained that Facebook has reported their new feature called Geoblocking that could control negative contents, and adjusts to the regulations of the country. "There are special contents that can’t be accessed in Indonesia with the Geoblocking feature. Therefore, Facebook will make a special algorithm for Indonesia," Semmy added.

Previously, in a meeting at Grand Hyatt, Jeff Wu asserted that Facebook will improve their control on negative contents in Indonesia, one of them by assigning their employees (Indonesian) in Jakarta to act faster in controlling negative contents in their platform.

"We’re very intensive and act continuously in controlling radical and terrorism contents. Therefore, we invite all social media application providers. Although we often meet, we keep strengthening our coordination to be more responsive in controlling negative contents. Social media providers need to receive updates from the Communications and Informatics Ministry to be more responsive in providing their social media service. Now, we’re holding a meeting with Facebook," Semmy said.

In the period of 2016 to the early July 2017, 402 negative contents have been reported, it includes pornography, child pornography, radicalism, terrorism, fake accounts, fraud, hoax news and hate speech. However, Facebook has only responded 50.7% of them as Facebook and the government have a different understanding about negative contents.

Therefore, the Communications and Informatics Ministry urges Facebook to be more active in controlling negative contents and establish a monitoring team to control negative contents in Indonesia faster.Besides that, the Indonesian government and Facebook must cooperate intensively to stop hoaxes.

"Controlling hoax is contextual as it needs parties to determine whether the reported news are hoaxes or not accurately. What we can do is establishing an integrated team to monitor and give advice in controlling negative contents in Indonesia," Sammy said. (mag)