Golkar´s Young Cadres: Fire Novanto from General Chairman Position

Friday, 01 September 2017 , 18:00:00 WIB -

Setya Novanto (ANTARA)

JAKARTA, GRES.NEWS – The decision of Golkar Party to dismiss one of its cadres, Ahmad Doli Kurnia, from the party becomes a controversy. Some young cadres of Golkar Party condemn the decision.

Secretary of SOSKI Jakarta, Barita Rick Tobing, said that the decision shows that Golkar officials can’t accept the democratic climate in the party. "The decision to dismiss Mr. Doli proves that the leaders of Golkar are protecting the general chairman that’s been named as a suspect of electronic ID card (e-KTP) mega-corruption scandal," Ricky said in a press release received by gres.news.

He added that the naming of Golkar General Chairman as a suspect must turn into a moment for the party to clean the corrupt attitude of its cadres, and not to protect them. "Golkar's young cadres aspire to restore the image of Golkar Party that’s been tarnished by the general chairman who’s been named as a corruption suspect. The aspiration must be appreciated, not given a dismissal sanction. What’s happening here?" Ricky explained.

To resolve the issue, he asks the party to fire Setya Novanto from the General Chairman position and Idrus Marham from the Secretary General position. "The Party must be saved. The only way to save the party is to fire both of them, and the party can hold an extraordinary meeting (Munaslub) to start an election. The 2019 General Elections will come soon. Don’t let people know Golkar as a bunker for corruptors," Ricky stated. (mag)