Prosecutors Demand Compensations for Samarinda Bombing Victims

Saturday, 02 September 2017 , 09:00:00 WIB -

Victims of Kampung Melayu bombing incident. (ANTARA)

JAKARTA, GRES.NEWS – Institute for Criminal Justice Reform (ICJR) appreciates the public prosecutors for demanding compensations for victims of a bombing at Oikumene Church, Samarinda, East Kalimantan. In a trial held on Thursday (31/8), the public prosecutors read the demands in the case with Juhanda Cs as the convict.

In the petition, the public prosecutors asked for compensations worth Rp1.47 billion for the victims. The public prosecutors want the government to compensate 7 victims who claimed they suffer losses in the incident.

The first victim suffers losses worth Rp128.56 million; the second victim suffer losses worth Rp118.79 million, and the third victim suffers losses worth Rp124.17 million. Then, the fourth victim suffers losses worth Rp131.77 million; the fifth victim suffers losses worth Rp305.59 million; the sixth victim suffer losses worth Rp534.13 million, and the seventh victim suffers losses worth Rp136.50 million.

"According to ICJR, this is the first official petition for compensations that are demanded in an indictment in Indonesia,. Previously, the prosecutors only read the demands for compensations and never include them in an indictment," said the Executive Director of ICJR, Supriyadi W Eddyono, in a press release received by, Friday (1/9).

For instance, in Thamrin bombing incident, the demand for compensation worth Rp1.3 billion for 9 victims facilitated by LPSK was only read by the public prosecutors together with the petition. "As a result, the panel of judges didn’t pay attention to the victims of Thamrin bombing," Supriyadi said.

Meanwhile, in JW Mariot case, the public prosecutors read a demand for compensation but didn’t include it in the indictment. "However, the panel of judges accepted the demand for compensations for the victims," he explained.

The rights for compensation for terrorism victims is regulated by Article 7 and Article 12 A Law on Witness and Victim Protection, and Regulation in lieu of Law (Perppu) No.1/2002 on Crime Eradication that’s been ratified to Law No.15/2003. However, the implementation of compensation demand is still controversial among public prosecutors.

"With the issuance of a circular letter from the Attorney General to the High Prosecutors’ Office across Indonesia to pay more attention to the compensations for terrorism victims, people expect the public prosecutors have answered their doubts in including demands for compensations in an indictment," Supriyadi stated. (mag)