NTU Students from Indonesia Win Socio Digi Leaders 2017

Saturday, 30 September 2017 , 12:00:00 WIB -

Director of Telkom Human Capital Management, Herdy Harman, is seen handing a trophy and a prize to the first winner of Socio Digi Leaders 2017, Share Cup, in the Grand Final of Socio Digi Leaders 2017 in Bandung (27/9). Share Cup is an idea in marketing/advertising sector that uses a biodegradable paper cup to improve advertisement exposure and engagement with consumers. (Doc. Telkom)

JAKARTA, GRES.NEWS – After the program succeeded in 2016, PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia Tbk (Telkom) holds the similar program, Socio Digi Leaders, in 2017. Socio Digi Leaders (SDL) is a program that selects talented youths who have social awareness to implement their ideas. Different from last year, SDL 2017 is not only about digital-based solutions, and the participants are not only from Indonesia but also other countries.

After passing the strict audition, three students of Nanyang Technological University (NTU) Singapore from Indonesia, which are Regina Eunike Febby, Steven Adity, and Yosua Nathanael Santoso, won the SDL 2017.

Share Cup is an idea in marketing/advertising sector that uses a biodegradable paper cup to improve advertisement exposure and engagement with consumers. Share Cup won over the other competitors, not only from Indonesia but also other countries like Singapore, Australia, England, and Netherlands.

"Thanks to Telkom for providing us training that made us know about our next step. There are three things that we’ve learned, which are passion, hard work, and humbleness. Although we’ve won, we have to keep learning and keep our entrepreneurship spirit up," Steven Aditya said.

The second winner is Travel Share Indonesia that offered a solution in the tourism sector, which is a platform for volunteers in developing tourism, and the third winner is Markethub which has a solution in e-commerce sector that provides integrated marketplace management.

Director of Telkom Human Capital Management Hardy Harman stated that Telkom as a state-run company (SOE) in digital telecommunications industry in Indonesia, has been initiating an employer branding program since 2016 to find talented youths who have social awareness and put forward creativity and innovation in a business concept, product, management, social, education or technology. "Through the SDL program, Telkom hopes they could create a young generation who have broad knowledge and solutions to solve many social problems in Indonesia or even the world’s problems, both digital-based and non-digital solutions," Herdy R.Harman said.

Herdy explained that SDL 2017 competition has a wider range than SDL 2016. SDL 2017 also pay attention to the economy, social, culture, environment, tourism, and many other sectors. We facilitated all of the world’s problems, and the most important is that the teams have good and practical problem-solving concepts," Herdy explained.

SDL 2017 competition consists of several stages, such as online registration and proposal, on desk assessment to select 100 participating teams, online pitching to select 25 participating teams. After that, the top 25 teams had a boot camp in Bali on September 21-25, 2017. The boot camp provides training that comprises of in-class training about business and financial management, team building, and Societal Needs Orientation (SNO). This year’s boot camp was also participated by foreign nationals from India, France, Netherlands, and Germany. After that, 10 of the 25 top teams will be selected.

Next, top 10 teams will present their ideas and solutions to the judges. In the grand final, the 10 top teams gave their final presentation, and they will be evaluated by the Director of Telkom Human Capital Management, Herdy Harman, and the other judges, which are Portfolio Director of Metra Digital Investama, Sandhy Widyasthana, Young on Top Founder Billy Boen, Miss Indonesia 2005 Nadine Chandrawinata, and Binar Academy Founder Alamanda Shantika. The selected three best teams will get an amount of prize money, and an opportunity to have a study tour to the headquarters of famous startups in Europe, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

As an employer branding program, Socio Digi Leaders is the company’s employee recruitment stop to attract talented youths to work for Telkom, and Telkom is expected to maintain its position as the most admired company in Indonesia. (mag)