Supreme Court in Corruption Emergency: ICW

Wednesday, 11 OCtober 2017 , 10:00:00 WIB -

Defendant in the fire truck purchases corruption Syahrial is seen at court in Aceh, Monday (9/10). (ANTARA)

JAKARTA, GRES.NEWS - Indonesia Corruption Watch (ICW) said 25 people within the environment of the Supreme Court have been in trouble with the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) since March 2012. Therefore, ICW says Indonesia’s judicial system is in corruption emergency.

ICW analyst Tama S Langkun detailed, from the 25 people, 10 were judges and 15 were employees. "The numerous court judges and employees arrested by KPK indicate that the judiciary system is in corruption emergency," Tama said, at ICW’s headquarters, South Jakarta, Monday (10/9/2017).

Tama blames the huge corruption potential at courts on the fact that no significant reforms have been conducted within the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court’s organization structure is large and this is one of the factors that there are many corrupt judges and court employees.

"The situation is worsened by weak internal supervision by supervisors within the Supreme Court and by the Judicial Commission," Tama further said.

ICW is also pointing its fingers at the inefective Supreme Court Regulation No.8/2016 on Supervision and Guidance from Direct Supervisors, calling for an evaluation on the regulation. (dtc/mfb)