Thousands Indonesian Pilots Jobless

Wednesday, 18 OCtober 2017 , 15:00:00 WIB -

Garuda Indonesia are seen giving their last salute to a Boeing 747-400 aircraft that has been retired, Banten, Monday (9/10). (ANTARA)

JAKARTA, GRES.NEWS – Around a thousand pilot school graduates are jobless, prompting the Ministry of Transportation to make measures, including reducing the number of pilot schools.

"There are up to 21 private pilot schools. We have closed one for not performing well enough," said Agus Santoso, Director General of Air Transportation, Ministry of Transportation, Monday (16/10).

According to him, there are now 20 pilot schools in Indonesia and each school graduates 50 students a year. Therefore, 1,000 new pilots are generated annually.

Meanwhile, domestic demand for pilots is not that high. Yet, pilot schools are not cheap.
We are not granting anymore license for new pilot schools and are pushing the 20 schools to merge.

"We could also require new students to obtain a job assurance contract from an airline before they an enroll in a pilot school," Agus said.

Ministry of Transportation Head of Human Resources Development Agency Djoko Sasono said the ministry has already imposed a moratorium on the Level-2 Diploma (D-2) pilot program provided by Sekolah Tinggi Penerbangan Indonesia (STPI) in Curug (Bandung, Jawa Barat), the only pilot school belonging to the Ministry of Transportation.

"We will evaluate and upgrade curriculum. We had tried to offer the D-2 graduates to the Indonesian Airforce, but it turns out the requirement is D-3," Djoko said.

Furthermore, STPI will buy a multiengine aircraft simulator.

"A number of airlines need pilots who can fly multiengine aircraft. There is demand for such pilot. We have a number of multiengine aircraft. We will also cooperate with private pilot schools to meet the standards introduced by the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) to generate high-quality pilots," Djoko said.

Indonesian Flight Education Institution Association (PIP2I) said low demand for pilots is behind the numerous jobless pilots.

"The issue spread is that 1,200 new pilots are jobless. We still need confirmation on the figure. The figure may not be Indonesian pilots alone. It may include fresh pilots from the Philippines, the US, Australia and New Zealand. They are also looking for a job here (in Indonesia)," Deddy Suparli, Vice Chairman of PIP2I, Jakarta, Wednesday (20/9). (dtc/mfb)