Shooting in Papua Allegedly Connected to Freeport Divestment Issue

Wednesday, 01 November 2017 , 12:00:00 WIB -

Officers of Yogyakarta Mobile Brigade Corps (Brimobda DIY) Amole III 2015 Task Force for PT Freeport Indonesia operational control aid (BKO) are seen guarding the open-pit mining area of PT Freeport Indonesia in Timika, Papua, Saturday (19/9). (ANTARA)

JAKARTA, GRES.NEWS – President's Special Staff for Papua, Lenis Kogoya, questioned the increasing tension of security in Papua. According to him, there wasn’t any shooting incident during three years of President Jokowi’s leadership. However, many shooting incidents occurred recently.

Responding to the situation, Lenis said that President Jokowi once discussed the security issue in Papua with the special staffs. According to Lenis, law enforcers must take firm action against parties who endanger security.

"I told security officers to take action against guilty parties. Security officers, the police, the National Military (TNI), the National Police (Polri) must cooperate well," Lenis said at the State Palace, Jalan Veteran, Jakarta Pusat, Tuesday (31/10).

According to him, the facts on the field must be revealed. Besides that, approaching the people of Papua can’t be done in a repressive way.

"It can’t be resolved by violence with the state instrument or forbidden instrument. However, approaching them by heart is more important. Why the public was angry, because there must be something that wasn’t cleared yet," he said.

Lenis didn’t decline that Free Papua Movement (OPM) issue comes up again so law enforcers must take action. However, Lenis also considers that the security issue in Papua is connected with the government’s policy that asks PT Freeport to divest their shares.

According to him, the solution to resolve security issue in Papua is through discussion. He believes that discussion is the best way to reach a solution in Papua.

"Let’s forget about violence. We have to stop violence for now. Now, the government, Freeport, and indigenous people must sit together. What do they want? The solution could be reached immediately. It won’t be finished if we keep fighting and resolve the issue through violence. Freeport has struggled hard, mining sector also struggled hard, we will be disadvantaged. Not just American people, Indonesian people will also disadvantaged, won’t we?" he said.

He said that President Jokowi has trusted him for the mediation to the security issue in Papua. He’s the ethnic chief in Papua.

"Regarding Freeport’s security issue, Mr. President has trusted me to coordinate the security of the region. However, the main issue in Papua, security, I told him that the ethnic chief is the one who will take care of it. When there was a tribe war in Timika, Tolikara, the one who could resolve the issue was only me. No one can be followed. Everyone knows. Every time I’m involved, the situation will be safe," he said. (dtc/rm)