Jakarta Administration Allocates Rp100 B for KJS, Rp92 B for OK OCE

Friday, 03 November 2017 , 09:00:00 WIB -

Former President BJ Habibie (middle) and the Governor and Deputy Governor of Jakarta, Anies Baswedan (right) and Sandiaga Uno (left), are seen having a conversation at Patra Kuningan, Jakarta, Wednesday (25/10). (ANTARA)

Budget allocation for the programs of Anies Baswedan and Sandiaga Uno has been included in the revised budget priorities (KUA-PPAS) of the 2018 Jakarta Regional Budget (APBD). The allocation for Jakarta Health Card plus (KJS plus) program reaches Rp100 billion and One District One Center Entrepreneurship (OK OCE) program reaches Rp92 billion.

The budget allocation has been exposed by the Jakarta Regional Secretary (Sekda), Saefullah, with the leaders of the Jakarta Legislative Council’s (DPRD) Budgetary Board (Banggar) yesterday evening. Besides the two program, they also explained the other programs, such as Rp0 down payment for house purchase, rebuilding kampongs, and Jakarta Smart Card plus (KJP plus).

"The budget allocation for OK OCE program becomes Rp92 billion, the budget allocation for Rp0 down payment program related to house and land purchase reaches Rp800 billion, Rp10 billion for rebuilding kampongs, Rp100 billion for KJS plus," Saefullah explained in a meeting at Banggar office, 3rd floor of DPRD Jakarta Building, Jalan Kebon Sirih, Jakarta Pusat, Thursday (2/11/2017).

The budget allocation for Anies-Sandiaga programs is included in the Jakarta Provincial Government’s regional budget (APBD). The needed fund for the APBD reaches Rp66.05 trillion.

"We recommend (KUA-PPAS) to be revised to Rp76.78 billion. In the recommendation of the 2018 revised KUA-PPAS, it (regional income) is planned to reach Rp66.02 trillion. Then, the regional budget in the KUA-PPAS is planned to reach Rp66.05 trillion," Saefullah explained.

Here are the programs of Anies-Sandiaga that are included in the revised KUA-PPAS draft of the 2018 Jakarta Regional Budget (APBD):

1. OK OCE Rp92 billion
2. Rp0 down payment program Rp800 billion
3. Kampongs rebuilding Rp10 billion
4. KJS plus Rp100 billion
5. Stadium, cinema, and culture center development Rp4 billion
6. KJP plus Rp4.1 trillion
7. Transportation Rp769 billion
8. Market and food Rp897 billion
9. Waste management Rp5 billion
10. Women empowerment Rp680 billion
11. Water management Rp196 billion
12. Disabled People Rp13 billion
13. Smart City Rp49 billion
14. Governor Team for Development Acceleration (TGUPP) Rp28 billion
15. Risk management Rp4 billion
16. Neighborhood Association (RT)/ Citizens Association (RW) operations Rp217 billion