Alleged Terrorist Group Strikes Dharmasraya Police

Monday, 13 November 2017 , 12:00:00 WIB -

Dharmasraya Precinct Police after getting burned in Dharmasraya, Sumatra Barat, Sunday (12/11). (ANTARA)

JAKARTA, GRES.NEWS – Dharmasraya Precinct Police in Sumatra Barat was attacked by an alleged terrorist group as indicated by the evidence found by the police. The police found a bow, several arrows, and a letter calling for jihad.

National Police’s (Polri) spokesperson Brig. Gen. Rikwanto said they’ve confiscated a bow, eight arrows, two bayonets, a dagger, and a pair of black gloves. The police also confiscated a letter calling for jihad from ‘Your Brother Abu Azzam Al Khorbily 21 Safar 1439 H in the Earth of Allah’.

"(The goods that have been confiscated) a letter calling for Jihad from ‘Your Brother Abu Azzam Al Khorbily 21 Safar 1439 H in the Earth of Allah’," Rikwanto said, Sunday (12/11).

The incident happened on Sunday (12/11) at 02.45 WIB (West Indonesia Time-Zone). Two perpetrators who fought against the police with bow arrows were shot to death. "Both of them kept fighting so we shot both of them and they died," Rikwanto said.

The police are still investigating the crime scene. "We’re investigating the crime scene first," said the Chief of Dharmasraya Police, AKBP Roedy Yoeliyanto.

In the incident, the police shot two people who attacked Dharmasraya Precinct Police, Sumatera Barat. The two attackers are initialed EFA and ES. "Perpetrators are initialed EFA and ES, EFA is 24 and ES is 25," said Chief of Dharmasraya Precinct Police, AKBP Roedy Yoelianto, Sunday (12/11).

Rudi said the perpetrators’ group is still unknown, Rudi still can’t make sure whether the perpetrators are terrorists or not. He said the police are still investigating the case. "We still don't know about their network, we’re still investigating," he said.

The police are still checking the crime scene to make sure whether the fire has been put out or not. "We may investigate the crime scene tomorrow," Rudi said.

The attack on Dharmasraya Precinct Police occurred on Sunday (12/11) at 02.45 WIB. The attack burns the headquarters of Dharmsraya Precinct Police. Police officers found two perpetrators when the was being extinguished, and the perpetrators fought with bow and arrows. The police shot both perpetrators to dead. (dtc/mag)