Fahri Hamzah Challenges KPK to Prove State Losses in E-KTP Case

Saturday, 18 November 2017 , 12:00:00 WIB -

House Deputy Chairman Fahri Hamzah in Houseâs Plenary Session. (ANTARA)

JAKARTA, GRES.NEWS – House Deputy Chairman Fahri Hamzah challenges the anti-graft commission (KPK) to prove the state losses in the electronic ID card (e-KTP) corruption. "BPKP has officially stated there isn’t any (state losses). So, what does this really mean?" Fahri said at the Parliament Building, Friday (17/11), as quoted from dpr.go.id.

According to him, the calculation of state losses that allegedly reach Rp2.3 trillion in the e-KTP case and made the House Chairman Setya Novanto named as a suspect is not calculated by KPK alone. Fahri feels unfortunate that KPK politicizes the case too much.

Fahri believes the alleged corruption in e-KTP procurement that involves Setya Novanto, who’s also the General Chairman of Golkar Party, is connected to the upcoming 2019 Presidential Election. "I don’t believe this case, it’s a lie. I think this is not about Novanto. It’s the ticket that he holds. That’s what I believe," Fahri said.

Novanto as the official of Golkar doesn’t understand that he holds a big ticket, and don’t know how to keep it so he becomes unfortunate. "Novanto is unlucky because he holds a big ticket. He’s confused and doesn’t understand that he wins a big ticket," Fahri stated.

Meanwhile, the other cases that cause great losses are ignored by KPK. For instance, the case of RJ Lino (former President Director of PT Pelindo II). Fahri stated that the case has made the state suffer Rp4.08 trillion losses. Including the losses caused by the global bond and the state has to pay for about Rp1 trillion per year.

"There’s someone (RJ Lino) who travels around for two years. I heard that he’s protected by someone powerful. He travels around while the House Chairman gets hunted," he added.

Fahri said that RJ Lino has enjoyed the money for seven years, and it’s said that the money was returned and he’s not named as a suspect. Meanwhile, there’s someone who may not receive any money but gets chased.

"Then, the issue gets publicized. What is the case? The one with clear calculation and losses is RJ Lino’s case that caused Budi Waseso demoted from his position as the Chief of Polri’s Criminal Investigation Agency (Bareskrim) to the Chief of the National Narcotics Agency (BNN) because of wanting to capture RJ Lino," he said. (mag)