Gov´t Must Enforce Law Firmly

Thursday, 07 December 2017 , 17:00:00 WIB -

E-KTP corruption trial. (ANTARA)

JAKARTA, GRES.NEWS – Many people still mind or refuse to become a witness in a trial because they’re afraid, and the issue hampers law enforcers in fighting against crime. "If the condition gets ignored, it would cause the law can’t be enforced, the state could be categorized as a failure," said the Chairman of Victims and Witness Protection Agency (LPSK), Abdul Haris Semendawai, in a press release received by, Wednesday (6/12).

Semendawai takes the current government as an example, which acts intensively in fighting corruption but no one is willing to become a witness or give testimonies to investigators. As a result, corruption suspects and defendants can get free easily. "If it happens, the state losses can’t be saved," he said.

If no one wants to testify in a corruption case, Semendawai explains that the crime will keep repeating and no one can stop it. The public will be aggrieved as they have to pay taxes to the state, and the money gets corrupted by some people and group.

According to Semendawai, becoming a witness is an obligation as a nation. The matter is mentioned in the Criminal Code. Becoming a witness in a crime case doesn’t have to wait for a call from law enforcers. Before law enforcers call, every nation must be willing to testify for what they know.

Regarding the issue, LPSK has signed a MoU between the Chairman of LPSK and Dean of Lancang Kuning University, and a MoU between the Chairman of LPSK and Dean of Lancang Kuning University’s Law Faculty. The partnership between the two institutions is inseparable from witness and victim protection service improvement with the spirit of Tri Dharma.

Dean of Lancang Kuning University, Hasnati, said they work together with many state institutions, including LPSK so it could improve the quality of the university, particularly in teaching students. "We hope the public lecture can share more knowledge. Moreover, victim and witness protection is a new field," he said.

Hasnati also told a short history about the 35-years-old university she leads. Lancang Kuning University has nine faculties with 19 bachelor study programs and two master study programs. "Lancang Kuning University has been accredited B. For the meantime, the Law Faculty is accredited A. We hope we can maintain the accreditation," he said. (mag)