Power and Fuel Supply Sufficient for Christmas, New Year Holiday

Wednesday, 27 December 2017 , 09:00:00 WIB -

Some technicians are seen installing electricity network in Palu, Sulawesi Tengah, Saturday (16/12). (ANTARA)

JAKARTA, GRES.NEWS – The Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry ensures that oil-based fuel (BBM) and power supply for Christmas and New Year 2017/2018 is sufficient across Indonesia. The Ministry has ensured that the distribution of fuel and LPG during Christmas and New Year holiday will be normal.

The National Energy and Mineral Resources Monitoring Post has reported on Monday (25/12) that BBM and LPG supply is sufficient. According to the official website of the Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry, Premium diesel fuel is sufficient for 26.9 days; Solar/Akrasol diesel fuel for 16.79 days; Pertalite diesel fuel for 21.8 days; Kerosene for 47.79 days; Pertamax/Akra92 diesel fuel for 19.46 days; Pertamax Turbo diesel fuel for 26.9 days; Pertamina Dex diesel fuel for 30.4 days; Dexlite diesel fuel for 17.6 days; LPG for 19.51 days and Avtur for 28.3 days.

To anticipate the crowded traffic during Christmas and New Year, Pertamina and AKR have prepared BBM pools in 4 locations, which are SPBU 54.67312 gas station, Lumajang; Pertamax Kiosk at Jalan Daendels Purworejo; Jalan Raya Semarang-Kendal, Mangkang District; and SPBU 54.68130, Jember.

Travelers can go to Kiosk Pertamax/AKR 92 at Rest Area KM 252 (Pejagan-Pemalang toll road); Teluk Mengkudu toll road (Medan); Cikopo Police Post; Krian toll road, Rest Area KM 726 Track B; Kedung Mlati toll road (Jombang-Kertosono toll road); and a kiosk in Jalan Daendels, Purworejo.

Meanwhile, Pertamax Motor is also prepared in 4 locations, which are Jalan Raya Dampyak, Tegal; Jalan Lapangan Merdeka, Pekalongan; Bakauheni Port; and Jalan Raya Kaligangsa, Tegal.

Regarding electricity, the power supply for the national needs is capable of generating 33,706.45 MW and peak load 27,815.92 MW, so the national reserve capacity is 5,890.53 MW.

2 volcanoes are also in DANGER status one day before Christmas, which are Mt. Agung in Bali (10 km radius) and Mt. Sinabung in Sumatera Utara. Meanwhile,18 other volcanoes are in CAUTION status. (rm)