Police Publish 4 Face Sketches of Novel Baswedan Attackers

Saturday, 06 January 2018 , 14:00:00 WIB -

The anti-graft commission (KPK) investigator Novel Baswedan via teleconference video with Coordinator of ICW, Adnan Topan Husodo (left), became a spokesperson in the Launching and Discussion of Indonesialeaks in Jakarta, Thursday (14/12). (ANTARA)

JAKARTA, GRES.NEWS – Novel Baswedan’s case investigation is progressing. Lately, the police published 4 photographs of suspects. The photographs have been spread to all Regional Police across Indonesia.

Previously, people lost their hope to the case investigation as the police repeatedly stated it’s difficult to resolve the attack on Novel, and the police didn’t update the case investigation progress for a while. With the case investigation progress, the police are still working hard to resolve the attack on the anti-graft commission (KPK) investigator Novel Baswedan.

KPK appreciates the police for the effort.

"We have to appreciate the effort and we hope it will keep progressing," said the Deputy Chairman of KPK, Saut Situmorang, Thursday (4/1).

According to Saut, the Jakarta Police’s effort proves that the National Police (Polri) will keep looking into the terror against Novel. Four of the suspects are now on the list of wanted people.

Jakarta Police Chief Insp. Gen. Idham Aziz hopes the public would notice the suspects‘ identity from the spread face sketches and inform the police immediately.

Idham also asserts that the police prioritize Novel Baswedan’s case in this early 2018. "We will chase them, we will work hard to resolve the case. There are many cases waiting to be resolved, all of them (including Novel’s case), we will work hard to resolve all of them," he said. (dtc/rm)