Amnesty International Reveals Atrocity Against Rohingyas

Tuesday, 20 December 2016 , 11:30:00 WIB - International

Rohingya refugees crossed the borderline of Bangladesh to avoid Myanmar armies. (Doc. Amnesty International)

JAKARTA, GRES.NEWS – Amnesty International’s report released on Monday (19/12) expressed that Myanmar security officers are responsible for murders and sexual transgressions against Rohingyas, and the officers also burned their houses and villages. Amnesty International considers the atrocity of Myanmar military against Rohingyas is a crime against humanity.

According to a long interview with Rohingyas in Myanmar and Bangladesh, and the analysis of pictures, photos, satellite videos, the report also documented how dozens of Rohingya people are captured arbitrarily by the military with their inhumane and unproportionate security operation in Rakhine in the last two months. The Director of Amnesty International for Southeast Asia and Pacific, Rafendi Djamin, said the Myanmar military has aimed Rohingya civilians in their systematic and merciless operation.

"Men, women, children, families and the villagers were attacked and became a victim of violence as a form of collective punishment," Rafendi Djamin said in a written statement received by

He asserts that the brutal military action could be a part of a bigger and more systematic attack to civilians, and can be considered as a crime against humanity. "We’re worried if the terrifying stories of violence that we’ve revealed are only a tip of an iceberg," he said.

"Although the military is responsible for the crime, Aung San Suu Kyi has failed in fulfilling his hopes on moral and political responsibilities to stop and curse what happened in Rakhine state," Rafendi asserted.

Amnesty International’s report exposes that Myanmar security officers started their big-scale operation in northern Rakhine after police posts in a border area were assaulted on 9th of October. Militants of Rohingya minorities were blamed for the attack, where nine police officers got killed.

Amnesty International’s research shows how the military has gone too far with their operation that responded unproportionally to the national security threat. Many witnesses described how the soldiers invade their village and shot everyone in the village, men, women, and children without mercy.

The soldiers dragged Rohingya people out of their houses and shot them to death. Amnesty International still can’t make sure how many victims died in the incident.

In an incident occurred on November 12, the military deployed two armed helicopters to strike the community in northern Rakhine after they had a little clash with the alleged militants. The helicopters shot the scared villagers blindly, killing them in an unknown number. On the next day, the soldiers burned hundreds of houses.

A 30-year old man said,"We’re scared when we heard the buzzing helicopters... The soldiers shot us blindly. Every time they see a single person, the helicopter shot them. They shot at the villagers for a very long time... We couldn’t sleep that night. On the next morning, the military returned and start shooting again."