Salim Kancil, Tortured and Murdered in Agrarian Conflict

Wednesday, 30 September 2015 , 12:37:00 WIB - Law

Activists of University Student Movement Forum for Farmers are protesting the National Land Agency Office in Sukabumi Regency, West Java, Tuesday (29/9). The Student Forum formed by the Student Executive Body of UMMI Agriculture Faculty, IMM Sukabumi, and farmers are encouraging the government to resolve the agrarian conflict to renew agrarian sector for food independence. (ANTARA)

JAKARTA, GRES.NEWS - The death of Salim Kancil (46) and persecution against Tosan (30), farmers from Selok Awar Awar Village, Pasiran Regency, Lumajang East Java who were fighting against iron sand mining in the village still becomes a mystery. The police are trying to investigate the 'puppeteer' behind the murder case.

President Joko Widodo has asked the Indonesian National Police Chief Gen. Badrodin Haiti to resolve the case. The Chief also confirmed that he will find the man behind the case of Salim's murder and Tosan's persecution.

The Presidential Staff head Teten Masduki feels sorry for the case. He said that agrarian conflict had happened since long ago. He explained that people are questioning the legal land ownership, but some businesspeople insist on controlling the land without it and caused a conflict.

East Java Police violent crime detectives of General Crimes Directorate, Sub-directorate Chief District Police AKBP Hanny Hidayat said that they have arrested three more suspects in the case. Hanny said that they got arrested according to Article 170 Criminal Code on group persecution causing the victim to death, and Article 340 Criminal Code on attempted murder or Article 338 Criminal Code on murder.

REPORT TO LPSK - The Witness and Victim Protection Agency (LPSK) advised people not to afraid to report the case to the police to resolve the case and bring the suspects to the court.

"LPSK monitors the case. If anyone wants to inform the police to help their investigation but afraid of being threatened, they may ask LPSK for protection," LPSK head Abdul Haris Semendawai said in press conference received by, Tuesday (29/9).

"Don't be afraid to inform the police, the law also regulates witness protection," Semendawai said.

LPSK deputy Edwin Partogi Pasaribu said that Indonesian Forum for the Environment (Walhi) has proposed LPSK to protect 12 witnesses of the case.

ATTEMPTED - From the results of the investigation conducted by the Protesters of Lumajang Sand Mining Advocation Team, the suspects has attempted to murder and persecute the victims since the first time. Tosan's wife, Ati hariati, stated that her husband had been threatened by the pro-mining community before he got tortured.

Ati reported the case to the nearest police officer, but they haven't followed up her report on the case. She feels unfortunate that the police did nothing to her report.

When the murder occurred on Saturday (26/9), 40 people came to Salim's house. Salim was carrying his 5-year old grandson at that time.

According to the Advocation Team, they dragged Salim to the Hall 2 kilometers from his house. They tortured him on the way there, and the locals only stand and do nothing on their act. Salim got tortured and electrocuted to death in the Hall. Salim's corpse thrown to the nearest graveyard.

Meanwhile, Tosan got persecuted before Salim was murdered. Some people with motorbikes came after Tosan around 07.30. They didn't stop there; they hit Tosan with the weapon they brought before. But, it stopped after a local named Ridwan come and stop the fight.

According to the suspect, their crime motive is to revenge Salim and Tosan's act on fighting against the iron sand mining in Watu Pecak area.

AGRARIAN CONFLICT - The conflict on mining that took Salim's life and nearly took Tosan's has been responded by the Agrarian and Spatial Planning Minister, Ferry Mursyidan Baldan. He said that the mining excavation should stop.

According to Ferry, the illegal mining in Watu Pecak beach is classified as C-class Excavation. It has to be stopped as the land is under The Environment and Forestry Ministry control.

According to the Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry records, Lumajang is one of 22 spots where mining disputes would occur. There are 82.5 hectares of minerals and sand mining spots in the area.

Meanwhile, the Consortium for Agrarian Reform (KPA) record showed that the case is only a tip of an iceberg of all agrarian conflict occurred in Indonesia. KPA records in 2014 showed that there were 472 cases occurred with the total of three millions hectares of disputed land.

According to the farmers of Indonesian People's Sturggle Union (SPRI) and Indonesian People's Movement Confederation, agrarian conflicts threaten farmers. A control over resources in the hands of some people is considered as the main cause.

"It triggers agrarian conflicts, farmers, and peasants got threatened by gardening, forestry, and mining companies, it also triggers market liberalization of agriculture products and equipment prices that goes higher by inflation and higher fuel prices," SPRI General Head, Marlo Sitompul, said in the State Palace, Jakarta, Tuesday (29/8).

He said that stopping liberalization packages on agriculture sector and resolving agrarian disputes fairly and refusing industrial liberalization are the solutions to the problems. (dtc)