70th TNI Anniversary, The Reformation Journey

Monday, 05 OCtober 2015 , 17:30:00 WIB - Law

President Joko Widodo (inside car, right) assisted by the Army Strategic Reserve´s Command Commander (Pangkostrad) Lt. Edy Rahmayadi (left) doing an army inspection on the 70th Indonesian National Army (TNI) Anniversary at Indah Kiat Port, Merak, Cilegon, Banten, Monday (5/10). The 70th TNI Anniversary themed "together with the people, TNI is Powerful, Great, Professional, Ready to Defend Indonesian Sovereignty, Independent, and have Strong Personality." (ANTARA)

JAKARTA, GRES.NEWS - The state guardian is not on its young age anymore, 70 years has passed. Indonesian National Army (TNI) has established since October 5, 1945. TNI was first formed with a name of National Security Line, and today known as the National Indonesian Army (TNI).

Since the new order changes, 1998, TNI metaformed to create a reformation. 18 years after General Soeharto's authority, has TNI arranged a professional institution to defend Indonesian sovereignty?

Today, TNI is celebrating its 70th Anniversary in Indah Kiat Port, Cilegon, Banten. President Joko Widodo also attended the celebration.

Thousands of people were attending the celebration to see a thousand of TNI soldier's attraction. Starting from Yoongmodo martial arts demonstration, parade and soldier's defile, and TNI's primary weaponry defense system demonstration.

On the celebration, President Joko Widodo mandates TNI not to harm people as TNI was borned from the people's 'hearts'. He also mandates TNI to place themselves as people's army and also to struggle for the nation.

INSTITUTIONAL SUCCESS - A military politic expert from Islam Jakarta State University, A Bakir Ihsan, said that TNI reformation has succeeded by the institution. TNI has become more professional than they were in 1998. It is proven since 2009, TNI stated that they will not interfere with the House's positions.

But, Bakir said that TNI reformation success depends on how their civilians see the military according to the reformation spirit.

"Some TNI members had their civilian status returned temporarily only so that they can be nominated in a Regional Election (Pilkada). Therefore, the success of TNI reformation depends on how their civilian counterpart controls TNI," Bakir said to gres.news, Monday (5/10).

CHANGE THE WAY OF THINKING - Besides depending on how people place TNI as the security guardian, TNI armies' way of thinking have to change. The way people see TNI as a superior and dominant has to be condemned.

The Indonesian Human Right Monitor (Imparsial), sees that TNI re-enters civil fields. It is done to conduct the military operations other than war (OMSP). According to Imparsial, OMSP is a form of a not-complete TNI reformation and civilians are not willing to return TNI to the barracks.

Imparsial noted that there were more MoUs signed with the ministry and other institutions in the last two years. There are at least 31 MoUs done by TNI. Civilian authorities, whether it's the parliamentary or the government, they are not doing any correction and evaluation on the MoUs.

TNI HAS TO BE NEUTRAL - Indonesian 6th President, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY), also reminded TNI of their roles and positions. SBY expects TNI to be neutral in politics on today's 70th Anniversary. SBY told TNI not to fall into practical politics.

SBY also mentions that TNI has to be always on the frontline in guarding the state sovereignty and unity. Besides that, TNI has to be firm on fighting the threats to the state.

He expressed his hopes for TNI reformation. He also expected President Jokowi to keep continuing TNI modernization. (dtc)