´Ventriloquists´ Behind Salim Kancil Murder

Tuesday, 06 OCtober 2015 , 08:00:00 WIB - Law

Some university students of Students Alliance for Humanity and Environment are protesting for the murdered Lumajang farmer Salim Kancil at Bundaran Sekartaji, Kediri, East Java, Friday (2/10). Students asked the police to solve the case that harms the environment in Lumajang and to arrest the ´puppeteers´ behind Salim Kancil murder. (ANTARA)

JAKARTA, GRES.NEWS - A murder case on a farmer who is also an activist against the mining activity in Selok Awar-Awar village, Lumajang, East Java, Salim Kancil, and persecution against Tosan is considered not a normal law violation. The House's Commission III investigation found that an alleged money laundering was done by the village head named Haryono behind Salim Kancil murder.

More than that, the House's Commission III suspects the police on Tosan's persecution and the death of Salim Kancil and the alleged money laundering issue.

Commission III member Muslim Ayub said that the investigation results revealed the men behind the issue.

He also gave a sign that the illegal mining involves PT Indo Modern Mining Sejahtera (IMMS) as the mindmaster behind the whole issue.

Muslim also looked on the company environment impact analysis (Amdal) that was denied by the locals. He believed that the police had known the issue, but they didn't take care of it seriously.

The other Commission III member, John F. Kennedy, stated that Salim Kancil was just a farmer who fights for his land that turned into an illegal mining site.

It is said that Haryono, the village head, is contracted for the next few years. The illegal mining site was purchased for a yearly period. John feels disappointed on the regent that didn't stop the illegal mining activity.

He suggested the police to look for the village head bank account to know the 'cash flow'.

On the case investigation, the House's Commission III members had a conflict with the Regional Representatives' House. The conflict was triggered when the House's Commission III member Akbar Faisal from NasDem Party mentioned Lumajang former Municipal Police Chief of Lumajang AKBP Aris Syahbudin.

Besides Akbar, the Commission III member Dossy Iskandar Prasetyo from Hanura party also mentioned Setiadi Laksono Halim, who is known as Jensey, the President Director of PT Mutiara Halim Lumajang.

Masinton Pasaribu from PDIP Party also asked the government to solve the illegal mining case and capture the businesspeople behind the issue. Masinton states that the mining activity didn't have a legal permit.

Although conflict occurs, the House members insist on capturing businesspeople who are involved in the case.

Different from Masinton, Lumajang Regent A'sat Malik explained that the mining activities that was developed by PT Indo Modern Mining Sejahtera (IMMS) were legal. But, the company was still incapable of building a smelter and the excavation stopped.

Meanwhile, East Java District Polive Chief Anton Setiadi said that his team has called the former Lumajang District Police Chief regarding the illegal mining in Selok Awar-Awar Village that emerged to the public after the death of Salim Kancil.

Until now, the investigators have arrested 'R' as the suspect of alleged illegal mining. The suspect is a businessman, the donature of the illegal mining. There are other 5 people arrested, one of them is the village head, Hariyono. (dtc)