2015: Another Police ´Dark Age´

Monday, 28 December 2015 , 16:41:00 WIB - Law

Some personnel of borderline security (Pamtas) RI-PNG Yonif Linud 431 Satria Setia Perkasa task force patrolled when the simultaneous regional elections held in Arso I, Keerom Regency, Papua, Wednesday (9/12). (ANTARA)

JAKARTA, GRES.NEWS - The assault of armed group against Sinak District police, Puncak Regency, Papua hasn't ended yet. After the assault on Sinak police on Sunday (27/12), Twin Otter plane that carried Papua Police Chief Paulus Waterpaw also shot by some people.

The police spokesman, Great Commissioner Suharsono, said that the plane was shot right when it landed. Although it was shot, the police keep landed there. Suharsono said that the assault didn't cause any damage.

After the condition gets safer, the regional police chief led the evacuation of his force to Sinak Police, the assaulted location.

The assault against Sinak Police occurred on Sunday (27/12) evening at 20:45 Eastern Indonesia Time-Zone. The shot was from Honai, located behind the police headquarter. Three police were shot dead, and two other were injured by the shot.

The police who were shot dead are First Brig. (Briptu) Ridho, Second Brig. (Bripda) Arman and Second Brig. (Bripda) Ilham.

Regarding the assault, the Army Chief of Staff (KSAD) Gen. Mulyono asked the army in Papua to be more careful.

According to him, the assaulted location was the public service station. Therefore, the incident must be handled seriously.

Until now, the army hasn't found the group identity who did the assault. But, he promised he will find it.

POLICE "DARK AGE" - According to Indonesia Police Watch (IPW), the assault against Sinak police is the 22nd case occurred in 2015. This is the another "dark age" of the police in 2015.

IPW Presidium Head Neta S Pane said that 22 police stations and other police stations were assaulted, shot, and burned. "Although the number of the assaults are decreasing, the mass anger against the police is quite high in 2015, they are still easily provoked to assault, shot, and burn police stations," Neta said in a press conference received by gres.news, Monday (28/12).

Lately, Neta said that Sinak Police Station assault caused three police dead. There are 21 dead police and 75 injured police from several incidents in 2015.

IPW noted that there were 18 incidents in 2015, 21 police facilities are broken, it consists of 10 police posts, 5 sub-precinct police, one precinct police, three houses, two cars, and one police bike. 8 of them are burned, 13 are assaulted by the mass, and one of them was shot.

The suspects consist of 5 locals, 6 unknown people, two mobile brigade police, one army, one football supporter, and three others. South Sulawesi is the area that got assaulted the most. There were five police posts burned and broken by the mass.

Meanwhile, there are three police posts burned and broken in Jakarta and East Nusa Tenggara. Two police stations in Papua are assaulted. Gorontalo police chief's house and police dormitories are burned by molotovs. In Bengkulu, West Java, West Nusa Tenggara, and Jambi, one police facility in every region are burned and assaulted by the mass.

The worst incident happened on May 28, 2015. In Bima Kota, West Nusa Tenggara, the police precinct was assaulted by mobile brigade police officers. A brigade mobile police officer was angry at the traffic police at that time as he was ticketed by a traffic police for not carrying his driving license and not wearing a helmet.

After that, a mass of brigade mobile police officers assaulted the precinct police and the traffic police station in Gunung Dua Bima. The assault caused seven police officers injured.

In 2015, there was two incident where a brigade mobile police office assaulted a police station and one incident where an army assaulted a police station. However, the assault on police stations in 2015 has decreased than the previous years.

Neta said the high number of police death toll when they're working their duty has to be resolved. The issue shows that some police officers still can't control their emotion. IPW expects that the police officers can be more careful, professional, trained, and not emotional in 2016 to decrease the death toll of police officers.

"More importantly, police won't attack each other in 2016," he said. (dtc)