´Sudden Amnesia´ Blocks Cessie Case Investigation

Wednesday, 27 January 2016 , 11:00:00 WIB - Law

The Attorney General´s Office (AGO). The AGO effort to resolve Victoria cessie case got hampered by the memories of the owner of VSIC, Mu´min Ali Gunawan (Edy Susanto/Gres.news)

JAKARTA, GRES.NEWS - President Commissioner of Bank Panin, Mu'min Ali Gunawan, finally attended a summon from the Junior Attorney General for Specific Crime (Jampidsus) of the Attorney General's Office (AGO). Mu'min Ali was summoned to be questioned as a witness in an alleged corruption case of the Indonesian Bank Restructuring Agency (BPPN) cessie contract sales purchased by PT Victoria Securities International Corporation (VSIC). Mu'min is the owner of VSIC majority shares, he is suspected of knowing the facts behind the cessie contract purchase.

Mu'min Ali's statements are said to be capable of making the case resolved easier. Unfortunately, the AGO effort to reveal the facts of the case from Mu'min Ali got hampered by the tycoon's memory. Most of the answers to the 17 questions asked by the AGO were saying that he didn't remember about it. Therefore, Mu'min will be investigated again by the AGO today, Wednesday (27/1).

Arminsyah expected that he will attend the summon as Mu'min didn't attend the summons on January 5th and 11th. In his letter sent to the investigators on December 28, 2015, Mu'min said that he didn't attend the summon as he was mourning for her wife that had just passed away.

Arminsyah said that Mu'min's statement is the key to reveal the cessie corruption of BPPN that has aggrieved the state for hundreds billion.

Mu'min is the President Commissioner of PT Panin Sekuritas Tbk (PANS). PANS is a securities company that has its shares owned by PT Bank Pan Indonesia Tbk (PNBN) for 29 percent, PT Patria Nusa Adamas for 30 percent, and the public for 41 percent.

Mu'min is also the President Commissioner of PT Panin Insurance Tbk (PNIN). PNIN is an insurance company. In 2014, PT Panin Insurance Tbk transferred all of its insurance portfolios to a subsidiary and changed its name into PT Paninvest Tbk and the company becomes engaged in tourism sector. PT Paninvest Tbk is incorporated with Panin Group, a company group engaged in finance sector, which includes banking, life insurance, general insurance, financing, and securities.

The shareholders of PNIN are PT Panincorp (29.71%), public (28.13%), PT. Famlee Invesco (18.28%), Crystal Chain Holding Ltd (9.68%), Panin Bank Employees Pension Funds (8.07%), and Omnicourt Group Limited (6.13%). Mu'min is also the President Commissioner of PT Panin Financial Tbk (PNLF). PNLF is also a member of Panin Group engaged in financial service sector. The company provides management, business, and administration consultation service since they transferred their insurance portfolio to its subsidiary PT Panin Anugrah Lige (Panin Life) in 2010.

The company also have supported their business by encouraging their investment on moving and not moving assets and also providing investment consultant service. The shareholders are PT Paninvest Tbk - PNIN (54.38%), public (40.58%), and PT Prudential Life Assurance (5.04%).

UNTOUCHABLE - The AGO hasn't named any suspect after 8 months of investigation. The AGO claimed that VSIC cessie case is not easy to be resolved as some people that are involved in the case avoids the investigation. Two listed names, Rosela and Sunazah Tanojo, are even not in Indonesia anymore.

The investigators said that they faced some difficulties in investigating them. Because the issue happened, investigators team are now preventing more people, who are allegedly involved in the case, from going abroad. Together with two other managers, Lis Lilia Djamin (former manager of PT VSI) and Aldo (PT VSI). The AGO has investigated the last two people.

In this case, tycoon Prajogo Pangestu and President Director of PT Barito Pasific Loeki S. Putera have been investigated, but they were only questioned as witnesses.

Attorney General Mohamad Prasetyo said that they will prioritize Victoria cessie case to be resolved.