Mu´min Ali Gunawan´s Role in Cessie Case

Thursday, 28 January 2016 , 17:26:00 WIB - Law

The Attorney General´s Office (Edy Susanto/

JAKARTA, GRES.NEWS - The investigation on the founder of Bank Pan Indonesia (PAN) Mu'min Ali Gunawan by the Junior Attorney General for Specific Crime (Jampidsus) investigators has revealed the facts behind the alleged corruption case of National Bank Restructuring Agency (BPPN) cessie contract purchased by PT Victoria Securities International Corporation (VSIC). Mu'min is said to be the man behind the case that has aggrieved the state for hundred billion rupiahs. The source of mentioned that Mu'min will be named as a suspect in no time.

The majority shareholder of VSIC will be questioned as a witness on Tuesday (26/1) and Wednesday (27/1). However, most of Mu'min's answers to the questions were mostly "I don't remember". Out of 17 questions, Mu'min only answered a few of them.

According to the prosecutors, Mu'min's statement reveals the facts behind the case of cessie contract sales. However, prosecutors didn't want to explain further about their investigation on Mu'min. However, he asserted that Mu'min has a great role as the intelligent and executor for Susana Tanodjo.

Susana Tanodjo was one of the directors of VSIC at that time. "We will name the suspects immediately," said the prosecutor who doesn't want to mention his name to, Thursday (28/1).

Meanwhile, Jampidsus Arminsyah claimed that his team has re-evaluated the case with the Supreme Audit Agency (BPK). Therefore, the investigators have named the suspects of cessie as they have strong evidence. The suspects will be named soon.

Armin said that the investigation on Mu'min Ali Gunawan was conducted to gather statements and name the suspects. However, Arminsyah still refused to mention who the suspects are after his team has investigated the tycoons, including Prajogo Pangestu and President Director of PT Barito Pasific Loeki S. Putera.

They were questioned as the owner of PT First Capital (FI). "Just wait and see, we're still working on it and we will act when the time comes," Armin said.

Meanwhile, Mu'min Ali Gunawan didn't speak too much about the issue. After the investigation, he avoided the reporters that were going to ask him few questions.