Saut Receives Ethics Sanction for Offending HMI

Thursday, 04 August 2016 , 11:00:00 WIB - Law

Chairman of KPK Ethics Committee, Buya Syafi´i Maarif (third right) with the members of KPK Ethics Committee members, Imam Prasodjo (second left), Nathalia Subagyo (third left), Erry Riyana (middle), Agus Rahardjo (second right), and Alexander Marwata (right) gave some statements to the press about the result of the ethics hearing on KPK Deputy Chairman Saut Situmorang in Jakarta, Wednesday (3/8). (ANTARA)

JAKARTA, GRES.NEWS - The Ethics Committee established by the anti-graft commission (KPK) has announced the result of their investigation on the alleged ethics violation case that dragged one of KPK leaders, Saut Situmorang, and he's ruled guilty of committing a moderate ethics violation, which is related to his statement that offended the Islamic Students Association (HMI).

Based on his action, Saut received a written warning from the Ethics Committee, and the committee also asked him to behave better.

The decision was taken based on the gathered statements regarding the ethics violation from the KPK Internal Supervision Director on June 8, 2016. The decision was also taken based on the experts' view and the other documents.

The Ethics Committee consists of Syafi'i Maarif as the Chairman and six members. The members are Imam Prasodjo, Nathalia Subagyo, Erry Riyana Hardjapamekas, Franz Magnis Suseno, and representatives of KPK, which are Agus Rahardjo and Alexander Marwata. KPK Ethics Committee was found on July 29, 2016, and has held four hearings to follow up the report from HMI and Islamic Students Association Alumni (KAHMI) to the Deputy of KPK Internal Supervision and Public Complaints (PIPM).

"I hope the decision could be accepted by everyone, and the Police Criminal Investigation Agency (Bareskrim) would cooperate better with us. The case reporters also understand that Saut has admitted his mistakes and apologized to them," Syafi'i said.

Syafi'i also said that Saut cried when he was questioned about the issue. Saut's cry seems to convince Syafi'i that Saut regretted his action. According to Syafi'i, Saut also acted cooperatively while he was at the ethics hearing.

POLICE INVESTIGATION STILL PROGRESSING - Saut still has to face another criminal charge from the police as HMI reported him to the police.

The police have questioned Saut Situmorang on Thursday (16/6). The police investigators also said that Saut acted cooperatively when the police questioned him.

Saut was questioned about three hours in the Police Criminal Investigation Agency (Bareskrim) at the Police Headquarters. The investigators haven't questioned him about the main issue that was reported by HMI against him.

Umar Surya Fana from the National Police's General Crimes Division hasn't concluded whether Saut has attempted crime based on the report from HMI. The police still have to gather more evidence and conduct a presentation of the case to resolve the issue. (dtc)