Superiors Involved in Transportation Ministry Illegal Retribution?

Thursday, 13 OCtober 2016 , 11:00:00 WIB - Law

Jakarta Police spokesperson Awi Setiyono (second right) showed numerous evidence when the Jakarta Police conducted catch-in-the-act operation (OTT) in the Transportation Ministry, Jakarta, Tuesday (11/10). (ANTARA)

JAKARTA, GRES.NEWS - The police's findings in their catch-in-the-act operation (OTT) at the Transportation Ministry is just a tip of the iceberg. There are still many illegal retribution cases in the ministry. The Transportation Ministry superiors are allegedly involved in the case.

After the police developed the case, they have revealed the confession of the Ministry's Section Head of Marine Transportation Ship Registration and Nationality, Meizi Syelfia. Miezi claimed that he transfers the money he received from his subordinates to his superiors when the police conducted the catch-in-the-act operation (OTT).

However, Meizi didn't mention which superior she referred to. When she was questioned, she also stated that the superiors have known about the illegal retribution.

Jakarta Police Chief Insp. Mochammad Iriawan ensures that the police detectives will investigate the superiors in the ministry's marine transportation directorate.

In the OTT operation, the police found a note that shows an amount of money transferred to the superiors. The Police Criminal Investigation Agency's (Bareskrim) Anti-Corruption Subdirectorate is still studying the note.

Besides Meizi's confession, the Jakarta Police detectives also found Meizi's suspicious assets. The police found her bank accounts, and the total money inside the bank account is worth Rp1 billion.

The bank account is suspected as an account to save all of the illegal retribution money. The bank account record was found on Meizi's table in her office, but the name inside the record was not hers. It was Wawan and several other names.

Besides finding 8 bank account records, the police also confiscated Rp60 million from suspect Meizi in their OTT operation on Tuesday, October 11.

The Jakarta Police has named three suspects in the case, and three of them are civil servants in the Transportation Ministry's Directorate General of Shipyard and Marine. "We have detained three suspects, they are ES, we caught him on the first floor, MS or Meizi on the 12th floor, and Abdul Rosyid on the 6th floor. We have named them as suspects, and we have detained them," Iriawan explained.

ES or Edi Sudarmono is a measuring expert in the Ministry's Measurement, Registration, and Nationality Directorate; MS or Meizi is the Ministry's Section Head of Marine Transportation Ship Registration and Nationality; Abdul Rosyid is a window clerk in the service locket on the sixth floor.

National Police Chief Gen. Tito Karnavian said firmly they will reveal the case to its roots. "We name the suspects first, collect the evidence, and we will study the case further and develop it," Tito said, Wednesday (12/10). (dtc)