Corrupt Judges Sentenced, Only with Subsidiary Indictments

Sunday, 15 January 2017 , 10:00:00 WIB - Law

A defendant in the Central Jakarta State Court bribary scandal judge Muhammad Santoso (left) is seen paying attention to a testimony from a witness, at the Anti-Corruption Court of Jakarta, Monday (19/12). (ANTARA)

JAKARTA, GRES.NEWS – The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) has convinced the panel of judges at the State Court of Central Jakarta that Casmaya and Partahi Tulus Hutapea were corruption judges as they accepted some of the bribe money that was given to the State Court of Central Jakarta’s clerk Santoso. However, they failed to convince the court to impose maximum punishments.

The judges said in their considerations report that the prosecutors could not convince the court that the Sin$25,000 was also for the defendants, Casmaya and Partahi.

"First, the accusations against Ahmad Yani stated in the primary indictment were not proven. Second, the court has ruled to free Ahmad Yani from the primary indictments," said presiding judge Basuki Widodo, last week.

The primary indictment in question was Article 6 verse (1) letter (a) of Law No.31/1999.

Instead, the court ruled that the prosecutors proved the accusations mentioned in the subsidiary indictment, namely Article 5 verse (1) of No.31/1999. As a result, Casmaya and Partahi will serve 3 years in prison and is fined Rp100 million, replaceable with an additional 2 months in prison.

If prosecutors managed to convince their accusations in the primary indictment, the suspects would have been jailed for a minimum of 4 years and would have been fined up to Rp200 million, and a maximum of 20 years to live and the fine would have reached Rp1 billion.

One of the KPK prosecutors, Tri Anggoro Mukti, said he will lodge an appeal against the ruling. "We will appeal," Tri said to, Friday (13/1).

Meanwhile, the case has gained strong attention from the Judicial Commission from the beginning. They have conducted their own investigation, but one of its commissioners Farid Wajdi said he cannot reveal the results of the investigations yet.

"The Judicial Commission is investigating, but we cannot respond to any question yet. We worry that some parties will make measures to protect themselves against certain parties," Farid said to, Friday (13/1).

However, Farid previously stated that judges Partahi Tulus Hutapea and Casmaya may have violated ethical codes, namely the points regarding acting fairly and high integrity.