Sexually Harassed Teacher Faces Charges

Wednesday, 10 May 2017 , 16:00:00 WIB - Law

Defendant Yusniar, who was charges for defamation via electronic device, is seen expressing her gratefulness for receiving the not-guilty ruling, State Court of Makassar, Sulawesi Selatan, Tuesday (11/4). (ANTARA)

JAKARTA, GRES.NEWS – The Law on Electronic Information and Transactions (UU ITE) is claiming another victim. Housewife Baiq Nuril Maknun from Matara, Nusa Tenggara Barat, has been accused of spreading a recording that contained sexual statements from her supervisor.

Nuril is being charged for violating Article 45 verse (1) on Electronic Information and Transactions. As a result she may be receive a maximum sentence of six years in prison and fined Rp1 billion. She has been detained since 24 March 2017.

ICRJ Executive Director, Supriyadi W. Eddyono, said Nuril’s detainment violates the law. "Law enforcers given the authority to detain suspects must act accordingly and act wisely in using such authority," said, in a written statement sent to, Wednesday (10/5).

According to him, suspects can only be detained based on grounds stipulated in Article 21 verse (1) and verse (4) of the Criminal Procedure Code (KUHAP).

Generally, here are three conditions for law enforces to be able to detain a suspect. First, there must be enough evidence. Second, the minimum punishment is five years. Third, the suspect may (a) run away, (b) destroy evidence, (c) repeat the crime.

Supriyadi criticizes law enforcers for detaining Nuril merely on their suspicion on her.

ICJR urges the panel of judges at the State Court of Mataram to free Nuril.

THE CHRONOLOGY – It all began in August 2002 when Nuril was a non-staff teacher at SMAN 7 senior high-school in Mataram.

Nur was called by the school’s principal H. Muslim, who wanted to share his feelings to hear. The conversation began to turn sexual and contained statements that may have sexually harassed Nuril.
Nuril decided to record the conversation.

In December 2014, a colleague borrowed Nuril’s cell phone and found the recording. Eventually, the content was spread to the public without Nuril’s acknowledgement.

Embarrassed, the principal decided to report Nuril to the police for spreading sexually inappropriate electronic information.

Meanwhile, support is coming from the Vice Mayor of Mataram, H Mohan Roliskana, who said he will provide bail for Nuril.

"I see her as a victim," he said, to reporters, Mataram, Nusa Tenggara Barat, Tuesday. (dtc/mfb)