Suspected Attacker on Novel Baswedan Gets Arrested

Friday, 12 May 2017 , 09:00:00 WIB - Law

KPK Chairman Agus Rahardjo (left) and two former leaders of KPK, Johan Budi (second left) and Taufiequrachman Ruki (second right), are seen giving statements to journalists after they hold a closed meeting in KPK Headquarters, Jakarta, Thursday (4/5). (ANTARA)

JAKARTA, GRES.NEWS – It’s been one month after the anti-graft commission (KPK) investigator Novel Baswedan got attacked by an unknown person, but the police haven't found the attacker yet. Lately, the police have detained a man initialed AL after they studied the clue given by Novel. However, the police stated they still have to investigate further whether AL is the attacker or not.

"We’re still not sure if he’s the perpetrator or not. We haven’t questioned any witness," said the National Police spokesperson Insp. Gen. Setyo Wasisto in a press conference at Jakarta Police Headquarters, Wednesday (10/5).

AL was arrested in Jakarta. The police studied AL’s profile from the photo given by Novel to the police.

Despite this, the police have to investigate further into AL’s involvement in the attack, including AL’s position before and when the attack happened. "We’re still studying where he was when the attack occurred, what he did, and the other matters," Setyo said.

AL is being interrogated by the Jakarta Police. The Jakarta Police spokesperson Com. Argo Yuwono exposed what the police did in the investigation. "First, two people got reported to the police, their initials are M and H," he said to the journalists in a press conference at Jakarta Police Headquarters, Wednesday (10/5).

After that, the police checked their alibis. According to their investigation result, both of them were not at the location when the attack occurred on Tuesday, April 11. Witness H was in Bekasi, we questioned his relatives, and we found out that he’s not the perpetrator. The second witness initialed M was in Tambun, he said.

The police didn’t stop there, and they met Novel in Singapore. "From our team in Singapore, we received a photograph from someone who was there (Singapore). After that, we arrested the man initialed AL," Argo said.

The police still question AL intensively, and they’re trying to synchronize AL’s statement with the other evidence. "We’re still looking into AL," he said.

The acid attack causes Novel’s left eyelid swelled and bruised. Novel’s forehead also swelled because he bumped against a tree after the attack and the perpetrator ran away.

Novel is still in Singapore to undergo intensive medical treatment. The acid attack doesn’t only injure Novel’s eye but also injure his nasal cavity.

KPK spokesperson Febri Diansyah stated that Novel is being examined by two expert doctors, ophthalmologist and otorhinolaryngologist. Febri said that the acid that hit Novel’s nasal cavity didn’t reach his respiratory tract.

Although the acid doesn't injure his respiratory tract, Novel’s nose skin gets burned. Now, he has to wait for the nose skin to grow. (dtc/mfb)