Ex-Corrupt Attorney General Urip Tri Gunawan Released on Parole

Thursday, 18 May 2017 , 17:00:00 WIB - Law

Former attorney general Urip Tri Gunawan is seen reading his file for plea, in the Anti-Corruption Court of Jakarta, Thursday (18/9). (ANTARA)

JAKARTA, GRES.NEWS – Former attorney general Urip Tri Gunawan has been released on parole from the Sukamiskin Jail in Bandung on Friday (21/5). The public questions the decision as he has only served 9 from the total 20 years of his prison sentence.

Government Regulation No.32/1999 stipulates that a convict is eligible for parole once he has served half of his total sentence. Meanwhile, Government Regulation No.99/2012 says 2/3 of the total sentence.

Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) Public Relations Head Febri Diansyah regrets the decision and demands the Government Regulation No.99 to be enforced. She demands the government to be especially firm on corruption, narcotics and terrorism convicts. Febri is pointing her finger at the Ministry of Law and Human Rights as the party that should be blamed the most.

"The accepted parole (for Urip) will create a negative precedent. Although the law allows it, the government’s policies and decisions show the government’s intention," Febri said, Jakarta, Tuesday (16/5).

Febri argues that the government should have opted for Government Regulation No.99/2012. "They (the government) should have opted or Government Regulation No.99/2012, which would have reflected our actions and seriousness in eradicating corruption, instead of selecting the regulation that has the minimal requirement," she said.

Government Regulation No.99/2012 does not apply retroactively. Meanwhile, Urip has served his sentence since 2008. In Jail, he received two remissions worth 4 months.

Urip was sentenced to 20 years in prison by the Anti-Corruption Court of Jakarta in September 2008. The 50 year-old man was guilty of receiving bribes and extortion worth several billion rupiah in the Bank Indonesia Liquidity Facility (BLBI) case. (dtc/mfb)