PT Garam in Another Corruption Trouble

Monday, 12 June 2017 , 12:00:00 WIB - Law

The headquarters of PT Garam (Doc. The Ministry of SOEs)

JAKARTA, GRES.NEWS - PT Garam is in another corruption trouble. After the case that saw law enforcers investigate into the company’s move to sell government landin Salemba, Jakarta, PT Garam is subject to another probe as its president director, Achmad Boediono, was recently apprehended by the police for misusing salt import license.

"The suspect was arrested for misusing import and distribution licenses for 75,000 tons of industrial salt," said Agung Setya, director of special economic crimes, National Police, in a written statement, Saturday (10/6).

Achmad was arrested at his home in Pondok Gede, at 14.00 West Indonesia Time (WIB). He was already named a suspect when the arrest took place.

Agung explaine that, as a state-run company, PT Garam was given work by the Minister of State-Owned Enterprises to import salt to meet the national salt demand.

The Ministry of Trade later issued an Importa Approval Letter for the company to import industrial salt with NaCl content above 97 percent.

Agung then imported 1,000 industrial salt, packed in 400 grams packages. The packages came with the brand SEGI TIGA G and was sold for consumers. "Meanwhile, 74,000 tons were sold or distributed to 45 other companies," Agung said.

Article 10 of the Minister of Trade Regulation No.125/2015 on Import of Salt, importers of industrial salt are forbidden to rade or transfer their industrial salt to other parties. "Meanwhile, PT Garam did not only trade or transfered the salt, they also conducted packing activities to sell the salt to individual customers," he said.

For his crime, Achmad will be charged for violating Aricle 62 of the Law on Consumer Protetion, Article 3 of the Law on Corruption and Article 3 and 5 of the Law on Money Laundering. He faces potential 20 years in prison.

Kasus ini dinilai akan melemahkan produksi garam dalam negeri. "The sales of indusrial salt to individual customers poses the consequence of negatively affecting production of domestic salt producers and impede the President’s Nawacita (Nine Aspirations) Program," Agung said.
In the case, the police has named two suspects. (dtc)