Threatened by Ex-Boyfriend, What Shall I Do?

Around a month ago, my ex-boyfriend contacted and demanded me to buy him gadgets he wanted. If I don’t do as he says, he threatened to spread photos of me when we were together. The photos were taken out of my knowledge as I was sleeping.


How to File for Divorce in Indonesia

I would like to ask an issue I’m facing. I’m Moslem and a married housewife for who have been married for four years. Since two years ago, I’ve been separated from my husband because we always had a conflict, even when we’re in front of my family and friends.


Law on Defamation on Social Media in Indonesia

Well, I’d like to ask about the internet. The “Prita case” become a trending topic these days, and there are also other defamation cases on the internet. What is the law on defamation mean to us (in Indonesia)? Thank you for the explanations.