Can Foreigners Inherit Land and Property in Indonesia?

Monday, 06 July 2015 , 00:02:00 WIB - Legal Advice

Some foreigner students from Surabaya International School (SIS) paint on doors for inhabitable houses renovation charity, themed �Indonesian habitat for humanity- in Kampong Malang, Surabaya, Monday (1/6). Renovation charity on some houses is intended to provide clean housing for low-income families. (ANTARA)

Hello, I’m Australian. My parents are Indonesian. A heritage of land and property happened to be inherited soon. I inherited some of them. I already changed my nationality as a foreigner, could I inherit them?

And if I could inherit a land and property, could they inherited in my name, not on my parents name anymore.

Thank you for your respond.
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Law regulations for inheritance are written in the Civil Code. Every inheritor has their rights for an even share of the heritage, without any distinction of gender (male or female) nor the inheritor’s nationality.

Every inheritor has their rights from testators (passing away people) when someone’s passed away (testator). The issue is written on Article 830 Civil Code. One can be determined as an inheritor when they are blood-related, or a husband or a wife who lives that have the rights to inherit.

So, it doesn’t matter if you have changed your nationality; it doesn’t mean that you’ve lost your rights to inherit the heritage from your parents.

It is true that foreigners are prohibited from having a property ownership. But it doesn’t mean to lose the foreigners inheritance rights. It is only impossible for the land and property ownership to changed into your ownership. The solution is to sell the land and property heritage. You may sell them to other inheritors or other people. By that, your inheritance might turn into cash.

I hope this might could answer your questions.