My File of Appeal has been Stuck at Court for 6 Months

Wednesday, 29 November 2017 , 16:00:00 WIB - Legal Advice

Illusration (Wahyu/Primair)

I lodged an appeal against the ruling handed down by the Surabaya State Court, but it has been six months and there has been no follow-up from said court.

I had inquired my case and the court clerk that attended me said the chief justice had been assigned to another court and hence the required document has not been signed.

Is it common for an appeal to be stuck at a state court for over six months?

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There is no deadline to lodge an appeal against a court ruling.

Once the court receives the complete documents to file an appeal, it is given fourteen (14) days to assign the panel of judges that will handle the case, who will first asses whether the appeals is worthy to be followed up and report their assessment report to the chief justice.

The excuse that the chief justice has been assigned to another court is baseless as he or she can delegate the task to another judge.

You should send a letter to the court in question to inquire why your file of appeal has not been followed up.

Nur Hariandi Tusni, SH. MH.