"I Want More Compensation for Renovations on Rented House"

Wednesday, 22 November 2017 , 10:00:00 WIB - Legal Advice

Illustration: a house (Foto:flickr.com)

Dear Sir,

My family has been living in a house that we have rent since 1935. Since then we renovated the house several times. The house that we are living in used to be a semi permanent house, but now it is a permanent house. We did renovate the houses without asking for the landlord’s approval. However, there has been no issue between us.

Yesterday, our landlord told us that he will no longer rent the house and gave us Rp15 million as compensation. My family and I are against the amount, bearing in mind the amount of money spent to renovate the house several times.

According to the law, is my family entitled to obtain more? If the landlord refuses to pay accordingly, should we return the house to its original state (before my family rent the house)?


You should negotiate with the landlord to ask for more compensation. The renovations performed without the landlord’s acknowledgement. You should keep in mind that the money the landlord offered shows good intention.

The obligation of tenants is to keep the goods he or she is renting in good condition. Renovating the house would be added value for the landlord and you this could be your argument to negotiate for more compensation money.

You can return the house to its original state, but wouldn’t this move require costs for your family? I suggest you just negotiate the sum with the landlord.

Best Regards,

Nur Hariandi Tusni, S.H., M.H.