I Can´t Pay My Debt, Will I Go to Prison?

Wednesday, 15 November 2017 , 15:00:00 WIB - Legal Advice

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I have credit card debt to a private bank in Jakarta. I had no problem paying my debts before my husband, who is the backbone of the family, was jailed for a case he was involved in with his friends. Now, I have to feed my family and I am having difficulty paying my credit card debt.

The bank sent debt collectors to my house. They intimidated me to pay my debt.

They said I will be sent to prison and my shop will be devastated unless I start paying again.
Is it true that I can go to jail for not being able to pay my debt. What does the law say about the debt collectors ruining my shop, if they decide to conduct such measure?

Dear Ms. Wati,

The relations between you and the bank falls into the Civil Code realm, namely debt. I does not fall into the Criminal Code field. Therefore, you will go to prison for failing to repay your debt. The bank can only file a civil lawsuit to demand you to pay.

Meanwhile, if the debt collectors realize their threat about your shop. They can go to prison as it violates the criminal code. You can also report them to the police for threatening you.
I hope you are satisfied with my answer

Nur Hariandi Tusni, S.H., M.H.