How to File for Divorce in Indonesia

Tuesday, 10 February 2015 , 08:36:00 WIB - Legal Advice

Divorcement Illustration (istimewa)

Dear Law Consultant,
I would like to ask an issue I’m facing. I’m Moslem and a married housewife for who have been married for four years. Since two years ago, I’ve been separated from my husband because we always had a conflict, even when we’re in front of my family and friends. I only can plan for a divorce with my husband for now. What should I do?

Neny in Surabaya

If we look at the Law on Marriage, the purpose of marriage is to create a harmonic household. I think this would be difficult to happen as you already separated beds-scheding aantafel en bed-. A conflict that continues and done in front of anyone might be considered as the main reason to divorce, which is written In Article 39 and Article 40 Law Act No.1 Year 1974 jo. Article 19 (f) Government Regulation Act No. 9 Year 1975 jo. Article 116 Compilation of Islamic Law.

About what you have to do, if you want to divorce, then you have to file for it. Because you are a Moslem, you may file for divorce to the nearest Religious Court around you.

I hope this might answer your question.