The Scores that Determine How Much Stars a Hotel will Acquire

Monday, 11 September 2017 , 14:00:00 WIB - Legal Tips

A hotel in Bali (ANTARA)

To support the national tourism sector, the government has introduced standards for hotels through the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economics Regulation No. Pm.53/Hm.001/Mpek/2013 on Hotel Standards.

The objectives of the standards introduced in the regulation are to provide guaranteed product, service and management quality to assure that the needs of guests are met and that customers are satisfied. They also aim at protecting the guests, the workers and the public.

In the regulation, the government has introduced categories of hotels, which are determined based on the score obtained by each hotel:

a. ≥ 936 to obtain the status as a five star hotel.

b. 728 – 916 to obtain the status as a four star hotel.

c. 520 – 708 obtain the status as a three star hotel.

d. 312 – 500 obtain the status as a two star hotel.