Procedure to Bring Pets to Flights

Tuesday, 10 OCtober 2017 , 15:00:00 WIB - Legal Tips

A pet (ANTARA)

If you’re bringing a pet to fly with you on a commercial plane, there are procedures to follow.

Law No.1/2009 on Flights allows passengers to bring a pet to a plane and categorizes pets as cargos. The following are requirements that the pet owners must meet to bring their pet with them on a plane.

1. The passenger must show the pet’s comprehensive vaccine record signed by a veterinarian.
2. A blood test report from a laboratory (signed by a veterinarian).

3. A health condition statement signed by a veterinarian.

4. A safe conduct pass from the local Provincial Agriculture and Animal Office.

5. A permit letter signed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs declaring the animal is permitted to be brought overseas.

There are also regulations on how the animals are transported :

1.Cages with pets inside must not be placed directly in front of a circulation vent.

2. The pets must not be placed next to dry ice or cooled CO2, poisonous items and other dangerous items.

3. The pets must not be placed next to other animals that are naturally enemies.

4. Pets with strong odor must not be placed next to fresh food.

5. Lab pets must not be placed next to other animals.